Sun + Fun - 12 Outdoor DIY Project To Try

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. And you are furiously gluing decorations to your new thrifted planters. We’ve got you covered with some outdoor D.I.Y.’s to transform your yard or patio into the place to be this summer.

1. Polished Planters

Break out the bucket of nail polish stowed away under your bed and become a planter designer. This tutorial teaches you how to marble your pots to produce swirly, interesting patterns.

2. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Fancy chandeliers probably cost trillions of dollars, (a pretty exact estimation) but this D.I.Y. one will only set you back a few bucks. All you need is that hula hoop that’s been collecting dust in the garage, some twinkle lights, and lace.

3. Get Your Lawn Game On

Whimseybox features a selection of D.I.Y. lawn games that’ll keep adrenaline levels high at your backyard barbecues. Making them is half the fun!

4. Pass The Torch

You’re bound to acquire a wine bottle or two or twenty as the warm-weather months stretch on, so you might as well put it to good use after it’s empty. Learn how to make this awesome wine bottle torch to put on your patio.

5. Where’d All Our Utensils Go?

You might be eating with your hands after you make this adorable cutlery-themed wind chime, but at least your patio will look civilized.

6. The Early Bird Gets the Bookworm

While this is more of a decoration than a functioning residence for our avian friends, it looks good enough to tweet. The tutorial warns that those with fears of folding may want to skip this craft for a different bird house design.

7. A Pallet For Your Pallate

You might have to dumpster dive to find a pallet that suits you, but the result will be beautiful. Watch your garden grow in your own, unique planter.

8. Patio Rug

An outdoor rug doesn’t have to look rugged. Create this patio rug that’ll be a welcoming mat for you and visitors, alike.

9. Giant Scrabble

A triple-word-score is so much more satisfying when it’s done in the great outdoors. Make this outdoor Scrabble board for hours of wordy fun right in your own backyard.

10. A Bird’s Gotta Eat

Once again, we have a nifty project utilizing wine bottles. We cater to your convenience, I suppose. Give your backyard birdies a place to chow down that they’ll be talking about chirping about for months.

11. Painting Patio Furnishings

Sometimes patio furniture can appear as if it’s sacrificing style for durability. A fresh coat of paint can fix that right up!

12. It’s A Twister! It’s A Twister!

Twist and shout (hopefully from joy and not a pulled hamstring) after you spray paint this sweet Twister board onto your lawn.

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