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20 Dorm Room Decor DIYs

You turned your tassel from the right to the left and officially escaped high school alive. Congratulations! When you get to college you've got a whole new room to decorate! Start crafting and collecting pieces to turn your dorm into the most trafficked room on campus.

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Geometry Test


Typically, dorm rooms are much like rented apartments in that you're not allowed to mess with the walls too much. It can be tricky finding ways to spruce up blank walls that's not too invasive, but this is a cute and funky way to do just that! Bonus: you can tell your roommate it's in the shape of a really common molecule and watch her academic insecurities skyrocket.

Take A Seat


You will quickly realize that fitting your whole life into a 10x10 box that you share with another person is a bit harder than you had once imagined. Living space is like a mythical creature that you think you once saw as a child, but it may have been a dream. That's why these seats that double as storage containers are ideal for a small space where people are going to be congregating.

Insta O' Clock


Displaying pictures is an obvious way to transform a space into your own. You're probably going to have pictures taped all over your walls, but here's an innovative way to show off all your Amaro and Lo-Fi filtered beauties while also getting you to class on time.

Paint Stick Portrait


Another unique way to display all your personal photos is by creating a cool frame to showcase them. These frames are great for dorms because you can easily swap out and add in extra photos at your leisure.

Pop A Squat


More seating is always a good thing. Here's a way to DIY a matured version of a bean bag chair. Instead of a soccer ball or teddy bear motif, this one can have whatever fabric scraps make your undergraduate heart a'flutter.

Struck A Cord


You're going to have a million cords and chargers and headphones and other tubular, tangly things to keep track of. It's easy to mix all of these up when you've got an entire dormitory full of kids with the exact same ones, so make sure yours stand out.

Dorm Room Bloom


Everyone's going to have posters and pictures hanging on their wall, but you'll be the only one with a garden blooming on your walls. Better yet, you can tack these floral delights up with only a thumbtack and string.

Standard Notation


Doesn't it suck when all your cheap notebooks start to rip and fall apart? Ensure that your notes stay intact and that you look like the coolest student in class with these hand-stitched notebooks.

Terriari-Um, Duh.


College is the time to learn that when you leave your dirty cereal bowl sitting on your desk for multiple days at a time without Mom to clean it, green things will begin growing inside. This DIY terrarium is a way to ensure that anything green that grows in your space will be intentional.

First Place Ribbon Goes To...


Food menus, class notes, personal reminders, and other odds and ends are going to be littering your floor if you don't have an efficient means of organizing them. This no-sew ribbon board can hold all your little notes and memos.

Succulent Succulents


Succulents are pretty low maintenance and will add a breath of fresh air (literally, think of all that extra oxygen released; probably correlated to an increase in test scores) to your space. Make this little planter, too!

Paper Mobile


This DIY paper mobile is another cool thing to hang from your ceiling. The way this bad boy moves and spins will keep you just distracted enough to do a somewhat decent job on that Shakespeare essay.

All Of The Lights


String lights like these are really popular in dorm settings since they provide a nice ambient environment for relaxing and hanging out with friends. The little paper cup addition makes them even more charming.

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