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"Did Etsy Throw Up On You?": 19 DIYs For The Trendy 20-Something.

Ah, to be trendy and 20-something. The key to this look is to always appear as though you are utilizing that one graphic design class you took in college to create a style that screams "I'm dealing with my quarter-life-crisis one cup of coffee and Thought Catalog article at a time!" However, maintaining this image can be surprisingly expensive. Because most in this subculture are bogged down by student load debt and their ever-increasing love of organic foods and pricey alcohol, here are some DIYs to replicate the look for much less money.

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Embroidered Development

You have to be an Arrested Development addict if you're a trendy 20-something. If you miss an AD reference in everyday conversation, you're out of the club. To truly show your support for the show, take up embroidery and give this project a go. Display it on your walls to make your house look like an eccentric model home.

Geometry Is In


I think young adults are trying to make up for their high school geometry grades through an homage to geometric shapes. Triangles, in particular, are a pretty big deal. Whip up your own stacked triangle accessory in a few easy steps.

Au Naturel


20-somethings love to pretend they're one with the earth despite the fact that they arguably spend most of their days inside tinkering with technology. To express this woodsy desire, they love things made of wood because what says "naturalist" more than contributing to deforestation? Woodsy or not, this clock is totally cool, and you know it.

Baggage Claim


Trendy youth enjoy repurposing. This is basically taking something meant for one thing and using it for another. Repurposing allows them to go thrift shopping and garage sale hunting, find a bunch of items they refer to as "vintage" and turn them into completely new innovations. This is also why there is now a show on television dedicated to hoarders. If you've got a swanky-looking suitcase, you can make it into a cabinet which is pretty incredible.

Glasses Hideaway


Everyone knows that a true trendy 20-something needs thick-rimmed glasses. While they enjoy romanticizing these eyesight enablers, the need for them is most likely due to the fact that they're on their computers about 17 hours a day. For the visually impaired, this leather case with the aforementioned triangle design is ideal.

Queen of the Castle


Because young adults typically aren't making the big bucks yet, they love anything that makes them feel like royalty. This flower crown does the trick. It'd be perfect for a weekend jaunt at Coachella or in a grassy meadow while your art major friends take pictures of you for their portfolio.


If you don't have an iPhone, you're probably not even a real human being. If you have an iPhone but don't have an iPhone case, you're probably a certifiably insane human being who's going to need a new phone in, like, a week. Here's a cute and creative way to decorate your case.

Patching Things Up


Somehow Mister Rogers became the fashion icon for this genre of people, so elbow patches are a must. This is convenient because for the starving artists and poor post-grads, mending clothing is kind of necessary when you're still wearing stuff from your freshman year. This shows you how to patch things up properly.

Lend Me A Landline


20-somethings love doing throwbacks. Just look at your Instagram feed on a Thursday for confirmation. This reinvention of that ancient landline phone via bookend is the perfect #tbt for all the books trendy people claim "changed their lives."

Pillow Talk


The next time you have a sleepover guest, you don't even need to whisper sweet-nothings before you fall asleep with these super simple DIY pillowcases. Just write your whole life story on the case, and you can be like,"You want to know about me? Cool. Start reading," leaving you to watch Netflix in peace.

Spray With Me Forever


Without intervention, 20-somethings would probably smell like a delightful combo of stale coffee, ramen, and whiskey majority of the time. In steps this DIY linen spray that gives you a signature scent you can brag about having made yourself.

Bow Down To Me, Cords


There are so many cords to things nowadays! 20-somethings manage to scrounge together enough money to buy the latest tech gear without being certain if they have enough left for running water, so their cord chaos is truly a nightmare. Cord organization calms the mind just enough before the next existential crisis.

Sock Cacti


20-somethings like the idea of plants, but their hectic schedules and tendencies to neglect anything without a power button on it often result in a plant graveyard. Although it's presumably difficult to kill a water-hoarding cactus, here's a faux one you can make just in case.

Purrboy Mansion


For those who have yet to have human babies of their own, animals can easily take the place of children. A "real" baby would need a suitable crib, so why should your dog or cat have anything less spectacular than this?



If you want a minute by minute update of the everyday life of a trendy 20-something, all you need to do is scroll down your Instagram feed. If it's not documented on Instagram, did it even happen? Pay your respects to your favorite photo-sharing program with this necklace.

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