In Honor Of Bo Burnham's New Special, "Inside," Here's My Definitive Ranking Of His Older Songs

    From his YouTube days to Make Happy, IT'S GOING DOWN!

    Quick Note: This list doesn't include any songs from Bo's new special, Inside.

    41. "H-O-A-R"

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    I don't not like any of Bo's songs, but this song is probably his least creative. There's not really a punch line. It's kind of just one unoriginal joke, but it has some good lines such as:

    Best Line: "Well, I'm like a game of baseball cause there's something you might catch."

    40. "My Better Half"

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    Fat jokes = not ok, but this song is surprisingly endearing.

    Best Line: "We look just like the number 10 when you stand next to me. Is it your stare that pulls me in, or just gravity?"

    39. "Rehab Center For Fictional Characters"

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    BO, WHY ARE YOU MAKING SANTA CLAUS A SEX ADDICT?! STAHP. But also keep going 'cause it's funny.

    Best Line: Tony the Tiger: "Every day I wake up, I get to work late / My boss says, 'Hey, whats up?' / I say that I'm grrrrrrrrowing tired of this sh!t"

    38. "3.14 Apple Pie"

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    The song has nothing to do with math, and it also seems like a lesser version of "Bo Fo Sho," which is why it's #38 on this list. But I'll admit that this line made me laugh more than it should have:

    Best Line: "Here's a confession, it's all about me / Here's my impression of a broken jet ski / Badadadada dadadada" DEAD

    37. "Untitled"

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    The alternative title for this is "Little Adolf." It's a song about a baby Hitler. I'm here for it. 🎶He's a Dictator-tot!🎶

    Best Line: "He's a pyrotechnic, and he loves to play with knives / And our little buddy gives the weirdest high fives"

    36. "Ironic"

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    This one's fine, but it doesn't seem like his most thought-out song. He's had songs before this that are 10x more clever. I'm not really the biggest fan of these observational songs where he just lists stuff. Still, it's an entertaining song and gets some good laughs.

    Best Line: "A little kid died from suffocation when he choked on a game piece from Operation. And I can't grow a beard. That one's not ironic, that one's just sad"

    35. "The Perfect Woman"

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    Bo has said that he hates this song now cause he thinks it's too offensive, but to me, I think it was right on the line of going too far, and that's my favorite kind of comedy. This song makes me wish I could read Bo's pimply @ss cheeks. Isn't that the American Dream when all is said done?

    Best Line: "Helen Keller was my perfect woman, I was her only need / She didn't mind the zits on my ass, it gave her more to read"

    34. "Klan Kookout"

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    Don't worry, this one's actually throwing some serious shade on the KKK.

    Best Line: "Here's my wife/sister. She brightens up my day. She went away and I missed her 'cause my Mum's a lousy lay."

    33. "Sunday School"

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    I love when Bo makes fun of religion, and this is the first of a few songs where he does that, but this has got to be the filthiest one. Gotta love 17-year-old Bo!

    Best Line: "Well I try to live by the Bible / But it tells me that my thoughts aren't right / But those particular pages might be stuck together / From the little bit of sinning I did last night"

    32. "Men and Women"

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    This one's in the same boat as "Ironic," but the reason it's not lower on this list is because it's funnier and ya gotta love a guitar-playing Bo. This is the last song where he plays the guitar 'cause he doesn't think he's very good at it. FALSE!

    Best Line: "A man is an eagle, yeah, a woman is a dove / Women can fake orgasms, but men can fake love"

    31. "Welcome to Youtube"

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    This song is both dated and relevant, and it's amazing. Plus, I love the way Bo is just so not having it with Katy Perry in the video which is fitting because 8 years later, he high-key bashes her.

    Best Line: "Most of the best YouTubers are either Asian or they're gay / So there's an untapped YouTube celebrity / And his name is George Takei"

    30. "Welcome to the Show (Intro)"

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    This song was the intro to the what. era of Bo's standup – an era with better lighting design and well-produced backing tracks. We were already with Bo, but after this, we were staying for good.

    Best Line: [Auto-tuned]: "My voice is so f*cking natural / It's naturally good" / [Normal voice (Cracking)]: "Naturally good" / [Auto-tuned]: "Naturally good"

    29. "A Love Ballad"

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    Don't you love hearing Bo talking about f*cking an 83-year-old lady and rebounding at her funeral with her granddaughter? Forever and always.

    Best Line: "Her skin was saggy, so was the rest / I put my hand up her skirt and I felt her breast"

    28. "High School Party (Girl)"

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    Bo is me in high school.

    Best Line: "High school party, senior year. Boys and girls are all sippin' on beer. I like soda, where's the soda? Am I the only f*cking person here that likes soda?" MEEEE

    27. "Hell Yeah (Intro)"

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    This is Bo's best intro to a show by far in my opinion. I love the audience participation and the INTROPECtion.

    Best Line: "If you can divide by zero, let me hear you say hell yeah! (Hell yeah!) No you can't! Mathematically impossible"

    26. "Bo Fo Sho"

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    When Bo performed this song, he would just do it a cappella, and it's probably the best thing about this song. The jokes land a lot better without the music, and it's one of Bo's best early raps.

    Best Line: "Poverty, racism – isn't it strange? / Only the homeless are begging for change / A shocked Sherlock. What, son? / Rosa Parks didn't call shotgun"

    25. "My Whole Family"

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    The song that started it all! Just think, without this song, we might not have what. or Make Happy. That's a world I don't wanna live in.

    Best Line: "My whole family thinks I’m gay / I guess it’s always been that way / Maybe it’s ‘cause of the way that I walk / Makes them think I like… boys"

    24. "New Math"

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    This song helped me in pre-calculus my junior year of high school.

    Best Line: "Support the farmers with a pro-tractor. Link Kennedy and Lincoln with a common factor"

    23. "Channel 5 News"

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    "Channel 5 News" is so weird and so in your face, and I love it. The tune was derived from an early version of "From God's Perspective." How Bo went from God to news is a mystery to me!

    Best Line: "And we tackle the flaws in these obesity laws / In this segment that's sponsored by Taco Bell"

    22. "What’s Funny?"

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    I know I said earlier that "Hell Yeah" was Bo's best opening, but I put this song higher mostly because it's more fun to sing in my opinion.

    Best Line: "When I was a baby, maybe I laughed at people jiggling keys / Now I'm older and bolder and just get mad cause I notice that the keys are to a Hummer"

    21. "I’m Bo Yo"

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    Best Line: "I'm like Doug's friend, Skeeter, whenever I meet her / Because I skeet her so hard you could call her Patty Mayonnaise" Classic.

    20. "Love Is..."

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    I'm pretty sure when Bo was performing this, he had a serious long-term girlfriend. Lucky lady, she was.

    Best Line: "Love is being the owner of the company that makes rape whistles / And even though you started the company with good intentions trying to reduce the rate of rape / Now you don't want to reduce it at all cause if the rape rate declines, you'll see an equal decline in whistle sales"

    19. "We Think We Know You"

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    "We Think We Know You" was such a surprise to see from Bo, especially at the end of such a flamboyant and lively special. He doesn't talk the whole time on stage, he's just listening. It gets serious without losing the comedy. It was such a good way to end what.

    Best Line: "I am Satan, Lord of Darkness!"

    18. "Sad"

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    😭😂 – that is all.

    Best Line: "I saw a kitten stuck in a tree then the kitten jumped off and he hung itself / I saw a boy who had red hair"

    17. "Country Song (Pandering)"

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    I'm pretty sure he had the idea for this song from playing Chipp McCapp on Parks and Recreation, and we're all grateful we got to see more of Country Bo.

    Best Line: "We go to bed, you doze off / So I take your country girl clothes off / I put my hands on your body / It feels like hay, it's a f*cking scarecrow again"

    16. "Eff"

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    This song made me feel edgy when I was 15.... F*CK.

    Best Line: "Now go out and pimp their rides / Buy, accessorize / And turn ten thousand bright eyes to the companies run by the white guys?!"

    15. "Rant"

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    This song also made me feel edgy, but in a religious way. I don't think I questioned religion that much until I heard this song. DEEBRAA!

    Best Line: "It was Oedipus those holy nights / The holy motherf*cking Christ"

    14. "#Deep"

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    The funniest thing about this song is that there are some genuinely #deep lines in it. But like, they're still corny, but they also had me like, "Whoa, you right, fam." Like, how can a fish drown?!? #Deep.

    Best Line: "If momma is right and the world is my oyster / Then I must have an allergy to shellfish" Not just #Deep it's #Relatable.

    13. "Nerds"

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    Bruh, can I tell you that the first time I heard this song it was the summer after my freshman year of high school, and I was taking Chemistry for summer school, and I had like no friends in my class. And I struggle with my weight. Do you see where I'm going with this? I WAS THE FAT CHICK WITH NO ONE TO DO HER LAB WITH! BO, HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?

    Best Line: "Calm down, Bo. Just count to ten / Um, one, two, three, whore - I mean four, shit / Three, four five, bitch - I mean six, shit"

    12. "Straight White Male"

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    Don't you just love self-aware comedy? Bo recognizing his privilege is both refreshing and f*cking hilarious.

    Best Line: "We used to have all the money and land / And we still do, but it's not as fun now"

    11. "The Breakup Song (Eat a Dick)"

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    This is the most musical-theatery song Bo has ever made, and it's soo good. The light changes of the set and the aggressiveness of the boyfriend's part makes the song that much funnier. Can we all just agree that Bo should make a Broadway musical, like, this instant?


    10. "Repeat Stuff"

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    I was a Justin Bieber stan when I was 13 so I should've been offended by this to respect Justin's craft, but after this, I switched up my fandoms REAL quick. Sorry, Justin!

    Best Line: "I love your hands ‘cause your fingerprints are like no other / I love your eyes and their bluish, brownish, greenish color / I love it when you smile, that you smile wide / And I love how your torso has an arm on either side"

    9. "Kill Yourself"

    Anybody else choke on their own spit the first time they heard this chorus? Cause I was DEAD. Also I can play this on piano... just thought I'd put that out there.

    Best Line: The whole ending is gold.

    The US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. The Trevor Project, which provides help and suicide-prevention resources for LGBTQ youth, is 1-866-488-7386. You can also text TALK to 741741 for free, anonymous 24/7 crisis support in the US from the Crisis Text Line. Find other international suicide helplines at Befrienders Worldwide (

    8. "Oh Bo"

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    OH BO, PLAY THAT OBOE! This song is so 2010 it hurts. The verses sound like a Pitbull song and the chorus sounds like a Katy Perry song, yet somehow it still sounds like it's not trying to be anything other than pure Bo. It's brilliant.

    Best Line: "Pull it out, stick it in your mouth, and I bust in the back of ya / Swallow b*tch, there's people starving in Africa!"

    7. "Words Words Words"

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    It was really hard to pick whether I liked "Oh Bo" or "Words Words Words" better cause I like them pretty much equally, and they're equally fun to sing, but I like the end of "Words" a little bit more, so here we are. Both songs are the reason why I'm sad Bo now thinks rapping is lame cause I think he was really good at it. I'm gonna miss all the puns and the double entendres.

    Best Line: "Take off your bras and burn 'em / Or you can let Bo Burnham burn 'em"

    6. "Lower Your Expectations"

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    Bo can't expect me to have low expectation of men there's people like him walking around. But I guess I'll still listen cause the song's pretty catchy.

    Best Line: "If you want love, just pick a guy and love him / And if he's got a thing for feet, say 'f*ck it, sweep me off 'em'"

    5. "Left Brain, Right Brain"

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    For me, it's not just the song itself but the way Bo presents it. I love the light changes and how Bo looks like a completely different person when he's the left brain vs. the right brain. He knows how to keep it funny while also talking about mental health without being too heavy handed. It's truly amazing. Bo deserves some kind of award for this bit ALONE.

    Best Line: Right Brain: "You think you're the right one every time / You think you know everything but you don't know anything at all / Half of his problems were supposed to be mine / But you wanted everything I hope that you're happy cause he's sure not" This isn't the funniest line, I just like it. Don't judge meee.

    4. "From God’s Perspective"

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    I love the idea of God just looking down on us like, "Guys, where are you getting all this information from? Like stop. No. You're wrong." Being a child that was forced to go to church erry Sunday, this take on the big man upstairs really struck a chord with me.

    Best Line: "You argue and you bicker and you fight / Atheists and Catholics, Jews and Hindus argue day and night / Over what they think is true / But no one entertains the thought that maybe God does not believe in you"

    3. "Can't Handle This"

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    This is the song that made everybody question whether Bo was ok or not. The funny part is that it starts with him complaining about the diameter of Pringles cans. It's also such a beautiful song. Even when he's talking about burritos, it brings a tear to my eye, and then he brings it down and then the tears are unstoppable from there on. THE LIGHTING. THE VOCALS. JUST EVERYTHING. I CAN'T HANDLE IT, BO.

    Best Line: "I'm ok with small mistakes / If you've got no more chicken, I'll take pork / But I'll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork"

    2. "Are You Happy?"

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    Remember when you watched Make Happy for the first time and you were like already crying at the end of "Can't Handle This" and just assumed it was over but then Bo sat down at a piano and you were just like "No, Bo. Don't you f*cking dare. Bo, I CAN'T HANDLE THISSS. STAHP!" And then he proceeded to play like the most beautiful song, and then you were suddenly dehydrated. Yeah... yeah, me too.

    Best Line: "You’re everything you hated, are you happy? / Hey, look Ma, I made it, are you happy?"

    1. And lastly, "art is dead."

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    I mean, what else could have been #1 honestly? "art is dead." is not only the best song (in my opinion) that Bo has ever written, but it's probably the best song Bo will ever write. I don't mean to underestimate his abilities, but this song is just so aggressive, emotional, and funny all at the same time! "Can't Handle This" is great, but it lacks the raw emotion that only a piano-playing Bo can bring. Oh, and also BO WAS F*CKING 19 HERE. SOMEONE GIVE THIS MAN A GRAMMY. HE WAS ROBBED OF AN OSCAR NOM. IT'S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO.

    Best Line: This is difficult cause the whole song hits so HARD, but imma have to go with the last line, "But I'm just a kid / I'm just a kid / I'm just a kid, kid / And maybe I'll grow out of it" It's just the best way to end a song like this. BRAVO.