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    12 Incredible Details From Bo Burnham's "Inside" Special

    If you've watched Bo's special three times already and you're real sad, put your hands up.

    Bo Burnham's new Netflix special Inside came out this week, and people are stunned by the artistry of it. We went through and looked for details that you might have missed on your first (or even your second or third) watch.


    Warning: This post mentions self-harm and suicide.

    1. During "Sexting," one of the screens behind Bo is basically a long paragraph about consent.

    Bo standing in front of projected text that talks about how the person he's sexting shouldn't feel obligated to send him anything

    2. During "FaceTime With My Mom Tonight," the aspect ratio of the screen slims to make it look like a vertical phone screen.

    Bo singing with the aspect ratio slimmed down

    3. And during "White Woman's Instagram," the aspect ratio is square, like Instagram pics are.

    Bo posing during "White Woman's Instagram"

    4. However, the aspect ratio widens back up during the more heartfelt part about the post dedicated to the woman's mom.

    Bo during the same song, but the aspect ratio has gone back to widescreen format

    5. During "Sexting," the temperature on the air conditioner is set to 69. Nice.


    6. When Bo is talking about suicide, he's projected onto a version of himself from later in quarantine, as you can see from his beard length. This might represent his past self giving advice to his later self when he's at his lowest.

    Bo looking sad while a projection of himself from earlier is displayed on his shirt

    7. During "Hands Up (Eyes on Me)," the projection on the wall shows the camera's battery as full. However, toward the end of the song, a second projection shows the battery depleted and blinking red.


    This could represent feeling emotionally exhausted or depleted.

    8. Bo's whiteboard breaking down comedy includes semi-targeted callouts like "groundbreaking series about male comedian in NYC having sex" and "middle-aged men protecting free speech by humping stools and telling stories about edibles."

    Bo sitting in front of his whiteboard that maps out different facets of comedy in movies TV and social media

    The "groundbreaking series" could be calling out Louis C.K., Pete Holmes, or any other in a long list of comedians who have done that type of show, while the stool humping thing is a joke among comedians to describe a hack comic. It might also be calling out Joe Rogan along with the "You triggered?" bubble, as Rogan's 2016 special was titled Triggered.

    9. During the video game segment, the background music that Bo says he likes is a variation on "Stuck in a Room."

    Bo as a streamer saying, "I like the music"

    10. There might be visual metaphors for derealization/depersonalization scattered throughout the special, since Bo mentions dissociation and specifically derealization by name later on.


    Depersonalization-derealization disorder can be marked by the feeling that you're observing yourself from outside your body (such as when Bo is controlling himself as the streamer) or feeling like you're cut off from those around you, as though there's a glass screen between you and others (such as when he's cleaning a glass screen in front of the camera after the intermission).

    11. During an interstitial when Bo is waiting for an airplane to pass over, his gamer/streamer self appears in the lower corner for a split second.

    Bo appearing in the corner briefly as his streamer character

    Although this looks like an accident, it almost certainly wasn't! It's possible that it is another reference to dissociation.

    12. And finally, the old video that Bo watches before "Problematic" is his first YouTube video, titled "My Whole Family..."

    Bo watching the video of his younger self playing the piano and singing

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