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  • Are You Smarter Than An Academic Bowl Player?

    For the last 21 years, Gallaudet University has hosted a national Academic Bowl for deaf and hard of hearing high school students. The competition was established with the goal of fostering the pursuit of academic excellence, promoting a spirit of academic competition and sportsmanship, and providing social opportunities for the development of collegiality and lifelong friendships. Every year, Gallaudet University hosts four regional competitions for up to 80 teams, 20 teams will then advance to the national competition held at Gallaudet. The 2018 competition season has begun! In order to qualify for any of our four regional competitions, every team was required to take a screening test. The results are in, and 80 teams are headed to regional competitions across the United States! Now, the question begs: could YOU pass the screening test and qualify for Regionals? Take this quiz, a condensed version of the actual screening test, and find out!

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