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37 Times Tumblr Made You Rethink Everything About "Harry Potter"

The Potter generation is growing up.

1. This makes you realise you are Harry in all life situations.

2. These people who make you think about Hogwarts many, many years ago.

3. Thanks to this person, you mourn Fred all over again, and long for the twins to be reunited.

4. ENOUGH, guys, ENOUGH.

5. Although, this description will cheer you up.

6. This, which makes you appreciate that all kinds of people are Potter fans.

7. This person who makes you look at the Sorting Hat and go, "Ew."

8. This Ravenclaw gets pretty sassy about Harry.

9. This post, which features the coolest person ever, and her awesome horse.

10. This person who makes you realise it is possible to mash your favourite fandoms together.

11. This genius combined Harry Potter with Mean Girls.

12. Here we have Harry Potter and a Disney classic.

13. Some people really enjoy sexifying Harry Potter. Tom Marvolo as a dildo lover does seem probable.

14. And this really does seem like a legit sex move.

15. The Slytherin crew and Argus Filch are obviously checking out Harry's bottom, what else were they doing?

16. And Snape is basically a sex god.

17. This person who reimagined Harry Potter from Malfoy's point of view.

18. This clever soul nailed Helena Bonham Carter's Slytherinesque stare.

19. And this accurately represents what happens when you get stoned with your friend.

20. This fortune teller looked into Hermione's future.

21. But Harry's future doesn't look so bright.

22. Thanks to this person, you'll think of Voldemort whenever Bruno Mars plays.

23. This Daniel Radcliffe quote changes everything about The Boy Who Lived.

24. This person who summed up one of the ultimate Muggle struggles.

25. And this is what it's like when you encounter an ignorant Muggle.

26. This person who unveils the female Harry Potter:

27. This person who makes you proud to be part of the Potter generation.

28. This gives you hope that maybe, just maybe, you might find Neville on Tinder.

29. This person whho raises a valid point, perhaps wizards aren't so brilliant.

30. And the Ministry of Magic is full of nitwits.

31. Some valid points raised here...

32. Thanks to this post you feel incredibly sorry for any actor who wasn't in the Harry Potter films.

Although, this is also EXACTLY what it feels like to be a Muggle.

33. This person who is 100% right about the male version of Hermione.

34. This person who thinks Harry should get back under that staircase.

35. And thanks to this person you realise why Hufflepuff seems to be the most ~chilled out~ house.

36. This sums Harry Potter up in the most concise way.

37. And lastly, thanks to this person, you know exactly what Tonks would be like as a girlfriend (awesome, basically).

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