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    23 Products For Anyone Whose Back Aches From Working From Home

    For when you're so sore, ya just can't *stand* it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A simple, comfortable posture corrector that will keep your shoulders back and your back straight! You can even wear it under your clothes.

    2. This document clip so you can just hang your notes and stop having to look down every other line. Seriously, it beats trying to prop the paper up against the screen.

    A monitor on a standing desk convertor with a clipboard-like arm extending from the side, holding a paper

    3. A balance board because you went out of your way to set up your standing desk and now your feet and back hurt from standing all day. Go figure.

    A model standing on the flat balance board as they work on their computer

    4. Don't have a standing desk, you say? Then try this stand up desk converter so you can ditch the books and adjust the height of your desk at will (and without testing different books by thickness).

    5. A memory foam back cushion for when you're sitting at your desk and missing some much-needed lumbar support.

    6. This angled, adjustable, ventilated laptop holder stand because that kink in your neck is most likely from constantly looking down at your screen. And you don't have to worry about your laptop overheating!

    7. Some desk extension armrests so you can stop hunching forward to lean your arms on your desk. Esp if your chair's armrests prevent ya from getting closer to your desk.

    A model types on their laptop, which is sitting on a table, with their arms resting on the armrests

    8. Or, these memory foam armrest toppers if you're not mad at your arm rests but wish they were a bit taller or comfier!

    A reviewer's office chair with the armrest toppers attached to each arm rest

    9. Alternatively, this under-the-desk keyboard tray so you can ditch the armrests add-ons and type at a comfortable wrist-level! Plus, you won't have to Tetris your keyboard around for desk space.

    A table with the keyboard tray attached beneath, holding a keyboard and mouse

    10. A dual-monitor desk mount to give your eyes and neck a break from straining! (Also, more desk space, ofc.)

    11. This no-slip sitting ball so you can strengthen your core... :) JK, while it will help burn some calories and could tone your core, several reviewers say it can alleviate back pain from slouching!

    A model sitting on the ball as they work on their laptop at a desk

    12. Or, a kneeling chair because who likes to "sit properly" anyway? It's thick enough for even the boniest of butts, and it's got wheels so you can (somehow) roll around!

    A model sitting in a somewhat suspended kneeling position using the chair, which has a cushion under the butt and cushions for the upper shins to rest against and no backrest

    13. But if you're a traditionalist who's into chairs, this memory foam with cooling gel seat cushion that will give your tailbone some TLC and can help relieve lower back pain, the real enemy.

    A reviewer's memory foam cushion with the case unzipped and partially removed to reveal the cooling gel underneath

    14. Or if you need a new chair altogether, an ergonomic chair that was specifically designed for spending long hours at your desk! It reclines, swivels, and is adjustable so you can sit with less ache. The back is high, the armrests are padded, and the mesh cushion is soft, thick, and breathable — so you'll be comfy and cool for hours.

    A black and red gaming chair with a a high back that has two cut outs, rounded armrests, with a five star base with wheels

    15. And there's always this massage and heating chair pad because who doesn't want a shiatsu massage and some soothing heat to relax their muscles while they work? You can even lay it out on your couch! And, the seat vibrates!

    16. This cervical neck pillow so you can support your neck and align your spine when you finally lay down and stop working — because now you can really feel how stiff and sore your neck is.

    17. And a neck hammock — yeah, I know — that hangs from your door knob to help stretch your neck and potentially relieve stress and pain!

    18. An acupressure mat and pillow to reduce muscle tension by just laying on it for, like, 10 to 30 minutes! The acupressure points massage your pressure points to help relieve stress and tight muscles — which is just what ya need after sitting at a desk all day, e'ery day.

    19. This posture corrector and trainer that will vibrate and remind you sit (or stand) up straight! It connects to an app with a personalized training program to improve your posture daily.

    A model wears the finger-length, rectangular posture corrector in the middle of their upper back, between their shoulder blades, as they sit at a desk and check the app on their phone

    20. An electric shoulder and neck heating pad to help soothe that neck and shoulder pain from constantly hunching over your computer!

    21. A shoulder relief pillow because all you side-sleepers just wanna stretch out and sleep on your side without adding more pressure onto your achey shoulders!

    A model sleeps on their side. The angled pad supports the torso, while a cutout allows their shoulder/arm to extend below the pad and remain aligned. A thick pillow surrounds the body for neck support and allows the other arms to rest elevated

    22. This straightforward foot rest that you can pop under your desk to help with your posture. You can tilt the board, too, to make sure your feet are at the perf angle as ya sit.

    The foot rest collapsed so that the rectangular board, which is textured for grip, lays flat

    23. An electronic pulse massager so for some electrotherapy — meaning you can send some small pulses to your muscles to help manage pain or muscle strains!

    A model wears four electrode pads, one attached to each shoulder blade and two on the neck

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