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    14 Under-Desk Keyboard Trays That'll Make Space On Your Desk For Your Snacks

    Because if you're going to be spending eight hours a day at your desk, it might as well be as comfy as possible.

    1. A large keyboard tray reviewers say is among the widest and sturdiest you'll find, plus it slides easily under your desk for when you don't want to think about work anymore.

    2. A height-adjustable keyboard tray to fix that annoying problem of hitting your knees, and as a bonus, you'll also get a mini tray for your mouse. All for under $35 too!

    3. A clamp-on keyboard tray for when you want a wobble-free, sturdy place to keep your keyboard and mouse without any difficult installation.

    4. A gaming keyboard tray with a fiery red design to add some much-needed flair (and functionality!) to your desk, maybe making work slightly more tolerable.

    5. An extra-large under-desk keyboard tray with plenty of room to accommodate your keyboard, favorite mouse, and maybe even a lil' snack or two to keep you motivated.

    6. A super aesthetic and convenient retractable keyboard tray if you've been meaning to upgrade your home office setup but are lazy — just clamp this baby on and bam! Instant class.

    7. A keyboard tray with pull-out storage that's like a little teeny desk under your under desk tray that's sure to be the convenient tray-ception invention of your dreams.

    8. A wooden under-desk keyboard tray sturdy enough to make sure your hands and wrists are supported while you tap tap tap away.

    9. An under-desk keyboard drawer with some depth, so your keyboard setup will be super secure for the eight-hour bouts of violent typing that constitute your workday.

    10. A clamp-on tilting keyboard tray that'll soothe your aching wrists once and for all, and also offer you the flexibility to change the tilt of your typing based on whatever hunched-over gremlin shape you happen to be in that day.

    11. A keyboard tray for sit-stand desks so if you can't sit for another minute, well, now you've got a completely adjustable solution for your customized workspace.

    12. A Mount-It! ergonomic keyboard shelf that – you guessed it – mounts to the underside of your desk and glides in and out of the way with ease. Plus, it has a mouse platform you can attach on either the left or right side, as well as an ergonomic pad to help your arms and wrists as you type away.

    the black keyboard tray mounted under a desk
    close-up of the black keyboard tray mounted under a desk

    Promising review: "Although I did not (personally) install it, the person that did it had an easy time. It is exactly what I needed. Itʻs sturdy and durable. I donʻt use the mouse platform, but itʻs a convenient addition to the drawer." –Donna K.

    Get it from Amazon for $43.99.

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    13. A slightly more splurgy under-desk keyboard tray with an easy one-knob control system, smooth gliding capabilities, 360 degree motion, plus a wrist pad and mouse stand that make it worth the extra dough.

    reviewer photo of the keyboard tray attached to the underside of their desk
    an infographic showing how to move the keyboard tray

    Promising review: "The instructions were simple, plain, and right -on. The item itself is strong, sturdy, and well-built. I opted for the one-knob control choice because I am the only one using it and I don't have to make adjustments once I get it set right. Either way, it is simple to adjust and stays in place. This thing does everything it says it will. I love that now I can put my my paperwork right in front of me instead of off to one side to work." –Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $132.99+ (available in two styles; clip the coupon on the product page to get this price).

    14. An impressive Ergotron Neo-Flex Under-Desk Keyboard Arm that is in fact *not* the name of a long-lost Transformer, but *is* an ergonomic desk accessory with a full range of adjustment for your poor wrists and fingers.

    a black keyboard attachment under a desk holding a keyboard and mouse
    a black keyboard attachment under a desk holding a keyboard and mouse

    Its adjustable design is super handy for L-shaped desks!

    Promising review: "Easy to install. Good height adjustment, smooth drawer-like movement. Spent nearly twice as much for a previous tray that did not work. This one was well rated so I took a chance. A winner!!" –Nathan P.

    Get it from Ergotron for $189

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