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    People Are Sharing "I Can't Believe They Got Away With This In A Kid Show" Moments, And My Eyes Are Bugging Out Of My Head

    So there's a lot to unpack here...

    By now, we've all realized that the people behind kids' shows like to slip in an adult joke or two. And when you watch them back now, you scream as you realize exactly what those jokes were β€” because how did they get greenlit for TV?

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    Or maybe you were tipped off as a kid when an adult watching TV with you let out an ill-timed chortle.

    Well, Redditor u/pswii360i recently asked, "What's your 'I can't believe they got away with this in a kid show' moment?"

    And they got some very interesting responses. (While I remember some of these, let me tell you, I gasped at others.) So without further ado, here are some of the best ones:

    1. When, in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Hugh said, "Once when I was seven, I sat on a banana. And, of course, that changed my life..."

    First image: Hugh sitting at the kitchen table staring wistfully as he talks. Second image: Jimmy and his mom on the other end of the table, with their jaws dropped and cringing
    Paramount Pictures

    "Jimmy and his mom's face say it all." β€”u/Chromatic73

    2. That time a female biker gang, the Buffalo Gals, broke into Cow and Chicken's house and started "munching" on the carpet in Cow and Chicken.

    Butch-looking women wearing buffalo masks chewing the carpet in Cow and Chicken's living room
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    "They also play softball." β€”u/MikeFatz

    3. In SpongeBob Squarepants, when SpongeBob held out two bars of soap to Gary, winked, and said, "Don't drop them!"

    SpongeBob holding out two bars of soap to Gay while winking as Gary looks on, wide-eyed
    United Plankton Pictures / Nickelodeon Animation Studio


    4. Or when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs went on a panty-raid (and it turned out they broke into Mr. Krabs' mother's house).

    United Plankton Pictures / Nickelodeon Animation Studio

    "...a PANTY RAID OH MY GOD." β€”u/memeboat_annie

    5. The episode of Hey Arnold! when Helga sat in her closet, where she had built a shrine of Arnold, and wrote a poem about him that included the line, "Arnold, you make my girlhood tremble."

    First image: Helga kneeling in her closet and she writes in her journal. Second image: A close-up of her parrot's wide eyes
    CBS Media Ventures

    "Even her parrot was agog." β€”u/goodworkingorder

    6. In Animaniacs, when Yakko told Dot to dust for prints, she returned with Prince, saying, "I found Prince!" to which Yakko wriggled his fingers and said, "No, no, no, fingerprints," and Dot replied, "I don't think so!"

    First image: Dot holding Prince in her arms. Second image: Yakko wriggling his fingers, wearing a detective outfit
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    7. In The Powerpuff Girls, when Bubbles told their new neighbor Robin that Professor Utonium had made them in his lab by accident, and Robin responded, "Don't worry, Professor, I was an accident, too."

    First image: Bubbles and Robin talking. Second image: Professor Utonium, bent over to speak to the girls, wide-eyed
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    "Oof." β€”u/HotTopicRebel

    8. Or when Mojo Jojo was thrown in a jail cell with a larger man who creepily smiled at him before the scene cut as narrator said, "Love is in the air, can't ya just smell it?"

    First image: Mojo Jojo, just thrown into a cell, with swollen eyes and a cracked skull. Second image: Mojo Jojo looking up in fear as a much larger prisoner looks down at him while smiling
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    9. In Rocko’s Modern Life, when Rocko found a job as a phone sex operator. (And he kept repeating, "Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.")

    First image: A close-up of a "Specialty phone operator" paper ad. Second image: Rocko holding one landline, while another is hung up, with signs in the background that say, "One-on-one hotline," and "Remember, be hot, be naught, be courteous."
    CBS Media Ventures

    "In one episode, his neighbor called. How the hell did they get that approved!?" β€”u/SilverWolfIMHP76

    10. And worse, when Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt played a game called, "Spank the Monkey," complete with paddles.

    First image: Ren holding a paddle. Second image: Heffer and Filbert sitting at a table with a board game that has a spinning monkey with a hairless butt on top
    CBS Media Ventures


    11. When head cheerleader Kimmy tried to seduce Newton into doing her math work for her to avoid being kicked off the cheer squad in Sym-Bionic Titan β€” and danced to a song called, "Booty Jeans."

    First image: Newton holding his fingers in the shape of a triangle, framing Kimmy's butt. Second image: Kimmy twerking for Newton while he sits on the couch
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    "Shake it, bake it, booty quake it." β€”u/TheSilentShane

    12. That time Velma's cousin Marcy coyly told Fred, "I'm eighteen, able to legally... vote!" in What's New, Scooby Doo?

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    13. When the Flash said, "I'm the fastest man alive," to which Hawkgirl responded, "Ever think that's why you can't get a date?" in Justice League. (Flash asked after, "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?")

    First image: Flash and Hawkgirl talking. Second image: A close-up of Flash's offended expression
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    14. That episode of Adventure Time where Finn and Jake got stuck hiding in Marceline's closet. Then, when Finn went out to check if the coast was clear, he saw Marceline naked.

    First image: Finn crawling on the floor, looking at Marceline, who is hovering, as she drops a sock near her bathtub. Second image: A close-up of FInn's face as he's open-mouthed, with wide eyes and blushing cheeks
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    "He just keeps watching cause he's, like, 12." β€”u/idiotwanderer

    15. In Sam & Cat, when Cat had to "perform CPR" but somehow ended up bouncing up and down on the guy's chest.

    Cat as she holds her dress down around the back of her thighs, with her feet on the choking man's side while he's on his back, as she forcefully sits on his chest before getting up and dropping back down
    Nickelodeon Productions / Schneider's Bakery

    "It's not even subtle." β€”u/whopewell

    16. When Lois saw a photo of Superman at the Daily Planet and commented, "Nice 'S,'" β€” but it sounded like "Nice ass," β€” so Clark immediately asked, "Excuse me?" in Superman: The Animated Series.

    Lois appreciativley looks at Superman's picture while her hand cups her chin
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    "My husband and I just about died." β€”u/CringyWhiteGirlDance

    17. When the villains in Dexter's Laboratory cut into a bag of flour as if it were cocaine, and one said, "Gentlemen, we are about to make a lot of bread."

    A bag of flour cut on the side spills out a white powder while one hand rubs some between its fingers
    TBS / TNT / Cartoon Network

    18. Or, when the Neighbor Lady's pants β€” also in Dexter's Laboratory β€” had "Dad's Trophy" written across the butt.

    The Neighbor Lady wears tight pink pants and bends over, revealing it says "Dad's trophy" on the butt
    TBS / TNT / Cartoon Network

    19. That time Double D touched the mysterious boomerang in Ed, Edd n Eddy, started sweating, and did a strip dance on the street lamp pole.

    First image: Double D swings around the lamp pole. Second image: Double D bends over and hugs the lamp pole as his pants fall down
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    20. In Regular Show, when Mordecai accidentally saw Pops naked.

    Pop's stands with one leg up on a table, fully exposing himself to Mordecai, who looks on in horrified shock
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    21. When Harley Quinn hopped on the Joker's desk in a nightie and asked, "Don't you wanna rev up your Harley?" in Batman: The Animated Series.

    Harley Quinn kneels on the Joker's desk as if she were riding a motorcycle while wearing a red night and her harlequin headpiece
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    22. That time that Gumball found Alan deflated in the bathroom and "blew" him back up in The Amazing World of Gumball.

    First image: Alan (a balloon) sits on the toilet seat, deflated, looking at Gumball, who is wide-eyed. Second image: Gumball looking traumatized as he walks out of the bathroom, while Alan, now inflated, floats out happily behind him
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    23. Or, when Alan "ate" an eggplant to emphasize the importance of eating vegetables. Except another student pointed out, "If you were talking while you were eating, then where did theβ€”" before they got cut off by Darwin appearing.

    First image: Alan (a balloon with a face drawn on) scrunching up his face as he pulls an eggplant into his balloon hole. Second image: Alan looking shocked when another student asks about it
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    "And another character points out that that isn't his mouth he is using?" β€”u/rubmybellx

    24. In Rugrats, when Tommy, Phil, and Lil took their clothes off (because Spike, the dog, got to be naked) and Phil and Lil gasped as they saw each other nude for the first time. Then, Tommy looked at Lil and asked if he could ask her a personal question.

    First image: Phil and Lil stare at each other below the waist, which is offscreen, shocked. Second image: Tommy holds his arms to his chest as he looks down at Lil with his mouth open
    CBS Media Ventures

    25. And that time Grandpa Lou told Tommy and Chuckie that his personal favorite video was "Lonely Space Vixens" while laughing and wagging his eyebrows, before adding, "That's for after you go to bed."

    Grandpa Lou holds up a VHS with sexy alien women on the cover
    CBS Media Ventures

    26. The episode of The Spectular Spider-Man when Spider-Man shot a web at Black Cat, and she told him, "Oh, you better not get your goop in my hair."

    First image: Spiderman shooting a web as she swings. Second image: Black Cat smiling with one hand on her hip while the other is webbed to the wall
    Sony Pictures Television

    "The episode was chock full of double entendres, but that was the crowner." β€”u/thats1evildude

    27. When Ren and Stimpy were door-to-door rubber nipple salesmen and encountered Mr. Horse, who β€” after thinking they were the FBI β€” creepily said, "So, nipples, huh? No, sir, I don't think I have any use for rubber nipples. I'll tell ya what though, do you have any rubber walrus protectors?" as he brought out a walrus, who begged, "Call the police," in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

    First image: A horse wearing rubber gloves and a rubber hat stands upright against his doorframe. Second image: The horse creepily leans down to look at Ren and Stimpy while holding up a traumatized walrus by his head
    CBS Media Ventures

    "All of '90s Ren & Stimpy, but especially this." β€”u/TheHoodGoblin

    28. And, lastly, that time Ren was going to spank Kowalski (who used to be in prison) and told him to pull down his pants but then freaked out when Kowalski did and changed his mind.

    First image: Kowalski bent over, pulling down his pants for the camera. Second image: Ren's mortified face, with his jaw having gone slack and wide-eyed, holding up a ladel
    CBS Media Ventures

    "When Ren saw the state of his butthole, he recoiled in fear and told him to pull them back up." β€”u/davewtameloncamp

    Did you laugh, cringe, or gasp? And what about you β€” what moment can't you believe they got away with in a kid show? Let us know below in the comments!