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    BTW, It's Totally OK To Just Veg Out Right Now (And Here Are 7 Ways To Do It)

    When did everyone turn into Martha Stewart?

    Hey, hi, hello — is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is baking banana bread, working out twice a day, and learning a new language during quarantine? Where are they getting the bananas, energy, and time to do that?

    So let me say that if you prefer to just veg out right now, that's totally OK. I don't just support it, I encourage it. In fact, here are some tried-and-true ways to spend your veg sesh.

    1. Learn a TikTok dance.

    2. Take a nap (or two or five).

    3. Keep snacking.

    4. Forcefully exhale through your nose at memes.

    5. Go for a walk.

    6. Watch trashy reality TV.

    7. Take more quizzes.

    Look, everyone copes in their own way. And vegging out is a more than acceptable way to do that. So say no to that Zoom happy hour that you're forcing yourself to change shirts for, and be compassionate to yourself.