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People Are Sharing The Coolest Picture They've Ever Taken On Vacation, And It's Better Than Any Instagram Feed You'll See

"I spent four days camping out there, just me and a local guide. I took a million photos, but this was one of my favorites."

Disclaimer: This article was written to provide travel recommendations or suggestions; however, it’s important to keep in mind your own health, community health, and COVID-19 exposure risk.

If you're curious about traveling the world — exploring everything from classic tourist spots to the most untouched of nature — then look no further. Travelers take to r/travel to share the coolest photos they've taken while exploring the world, so here are some of the best ones (they span more than 30 countries, including the location of the photos, should ya wanna plan a trip yourself, and what they got up to while there!):

1. Venice, Italy

Venice view from The Gritti Palace

2. Mürren, Switzerland

View of mountains in Murren, Switzerland

3. Kyoto, Japan

View of To-ji Temple in the distance at the end of an alley way in Kyoto

4. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

A view of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland from a train window

5. Joshua Tree National Park, United States

Yucca trees in Joshua Tree National Park

6. Dolomite Alps, Italy

The Dolomite Mountains at the end of a winding road with a red Fiat 500 parked on the side

7. Himalayas, Nepal

A view of a village in a valley near the base of the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal

8. Seven Sisters, England

A shot of a cliffs and the ocean in Seven Sisters

9. Appenzell, Switzerland

A view of a valley in Appenzell, Switzerland from a train window

10. Ghorepani, Nepal

A view of the Himalayas in the distance from a window in Nepal

11. Kyoto, Japan

The brick aqueduct in the Nanzen-ji Temple complex that looks like Roman ruins in Kyoto

12. New Mexico–Colorado Border, United States

a motorcycle saddled with packs on a dirt road at the border of New Mexico and Colorado in the US

13. The Sahara Desert, Algeria

endless stars against a dark blue sky over the reddish looking sands of the Sahara

14. Athens, Greece

A view of the Parthenon in the distance over buildings in Athens

15. Isle of Skye, Scotland

A look out the front door of an Airbnb on the Isle of Skye, showing the ocean

16. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Picturesque, story-book looking houses in Rothenburg, Germany

17. Prague, Czech Republic

the sun rising behind the Church of Our Lady before Týn in Prague

18. The Serengeti, Tanzania

Zebras feeding near a river in the Serengeti

19. Romsdalen, Norway

A picture from the top of the mountains in Romsdalen, with a river and lush green field below in the valleys

20. Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

A red suspension bridge over a river, leading into a forest

21. Milan, Italy

the glass dome in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

22. Mauritania Railway, Mauritania

A person sitting in a train cart, on top of a pile of iron ore, in the Sahara

23. Cappadocia, Turkey

Numerous hot air ballons floating above Cappadocia, Turkey

24. Kisoro District, Uganda

A view of the hills of the the Kisoro District in Uganda, with Lake Mutanda in the background

25. Florence, Italy

a front angle shot of the Sienna Cathedral in Florence

26. Bangkok-Chiang Mai Train (State Railway of Thailand), Thailand

the end of a train, taken from a window within, as the train travels through lush greenery to Chiang Mai from Bangkok

27. Mauranger, Norway

a row boat floats atop blue-green waters in Mauranger, with mountrains in the background

28. Perugia, Italy

A steep, winding road under a bridge in Perugia

29. Rissani, Morocco

the edge of a hotel overlooking dunes of sand in Morocco

30. Colmar, France

Restaurants alongside a canal through a picturesque Colmar

31. Barcelona, Spain

the Cathedral of Barcelona in Spain

32. Yangshuo, China

a woman riding a bicycle down a road in Yangshuo, with greenery and rounded hills surrounding her

33. Agra, India

the Taj Mahal in the distance, with breakfast meal on a table in the foreground

34. Tokyo, Japan

an old man walks down a narrow alley way, decorated with laterns and leaves changing colors, in Tokyo

35. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Colorful buildings on a cobbled road in San Juan

36. Giza, Egypt

the Pyramids of Giza in the distance from the patio of an Airbnb

37. Grand Teton National Park, United States

a log cabin sitting in front of purple-looking mountains in Grand Teton National Park

38. Vatnajökull, Iceland

Three sheep huddle aginst a structure with snow-covered mountains in the background

39. Kumano Region (Wakayama Prefecture), Japan

a bath houe with colorful flags sitting alonside a river in Kumano

40. Venice, Italy

picture taken on a gondola down the canals of Venice

41. Svaneti, Georgia

cows drinking from a river in Svaneti, with mountains in the distance

42. Porto, Portugal

an aerial shot of Porto, showing buildings with red-shingled roofs

43. Machu Picchu, Peru

a llama looks off a cliff at Machu Picchu in the distance

44. Southwestern China

three images showing 1) people paddling on board to fish on a lake, 2) rolling hills lit by the setting sun, and 3) and old man smoking a long pipe

45. Pamir Highway, Central Asia (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan)

A blue SUV drives alone down the Pamir Highway, towards purple mountains

46. Petra, Jordan

Camels lay in front of the Al-Khazneh temple in Petra

47. Teotihuacán, Mexico

hot air ballons float above the clouds in Mexico

48. Kedartal Lake, India

a person stands on a rock overlooking Kedartal Lake, in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas in India

49. Berlin Cathedral, Germany

the Berlin Cathedral in Germany

50. Batu Caves, Malaysia

color stairs leading up the to entrance of the Batu Caves

51. Northern State (Meroë), Sudan

part of the Musawwarat es-Sufra temple complex in Sudan

52. Varenna, Italy

colorful buildings with beautiful foliage at the base of Lake Como in Varenna

53. Blue Mosque, Turkey

the Blue Mosque in Turkey

54. Westminster Abbey, England

the Westminster Abbey lit up to look like stained glass in London

55. Sørvágsvatn, Faroe Islands

the Sørvágsvatn lake sitting about 40 meters above sea level, surrounded by a higher cliff which prevents it from emptying fully into the ocean

56. Tokyo, Japan

a cat sits on a bar stool at a bar in Tokyo

57. Québec City, Canada

colorful buildings covered in snow in Quebec City

58. Ain Qani, Lebanon

A restaurant patio overlooks a lake with waterfalls pouring into it in Lebanon

59. Seoul, South Korea

The Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul covered in snow

60. Monschau, Germany

picturesque buildings along the edge of a river in Monschau

61. Mai Châu, Vietnam

rice fiels with a road down the middle, surrounded by mountains, in Mai Chau

62. Antarctica

penguins waddling through the snow in Antarctica

63. Casablanca, Morocco

the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

64. Hagia Sophia, Turkey

the interior of the Hagia Sophia in Turkey

65. Royal Natal National Park, South Africa

the Tugela Falls in South Africa

Have you been to any of these places yourself, or are any on your bucket list? What's the most picturesque place you've been to? Share your pictures with us and let us know about your trip in the comments below!