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Here's All The Misinformation Spreading About The General Election So Far

Including a woman flicking a V-sign at Jeremy Corbyn, a price cap on Freddos, and a whole bunch of dodgy charts.

Last month Theresa May called a general election that will take place on 8 June. Since then some fake images and news have circulated on social media.

Here's a breakdown of the fake images and news so far. You can read all our debunks throughout the election campaign here.

1. This viral photo of a group of Conservative supporters outside an apparent street called "Cunt Road" is fake.

Whilst most of the photo is real, the street sign was edited.

2. A photoshopped image of Jeremy Corbyn out doorstepping appears to show a woman flicking him a V-sign.

But the real images, taken by a photographer called Danny Lawson, show the woman was making a fist gesture, possibly suggesting that she's on board with Labour.

3. There are loads of dubious charts on local candidates' leaflets – for example, look at this Lib Dem leaflet in Sutton and Cheam.

Here is what it should look like:

4. A man didn't hold up a sign saying "she's lying to you" while Theresa May was speaking.

Must watch: That man does it again....

Quite a few people fell for this one. The man who made the picture, a Labour supporter, told BuzzFeed News: "I made it [the video] to make an obvious point really... Theresa May was stating that she didn't feel the need to do TV debates as she was 'debating people up and down the country'."

5. Jeremy Corbyn is not planning to cap the price of Freddos.

In this case a viral spoof news story appears to have confused a few people.

6. There should be a Liberal Democrat in this picture.

The Labour MP for Vauxhall, Kate Hoey, shared an image of an event with her Liberal Democrat challenger, George Turner, removed. After people on social media noticed, she later told the Evening Standard: "I was not willing to tweet a photo with anyone wearing a rosette because this was an apolitical event on behalf of the children and I did not want those partisan elements included.”