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election 2017 debunked

election 2017 debunked

Sorry, Rihanna's Foundation Did Not Donate $2 Million To Help People In Sierra Leone

A spokesperson for the Clara Lionel Foundation told BuzzFeed News the entirety of the story reported in Barbados Today and Global News is "untrue and completely inaccurate".

This Video Of DUP Politicians Singing "We Hate Catholics" At Their Party Conference Is Fake

The edited video began circulating on Friday, as it emerged the DUP could help Theresa May cling on to power in government.

Here’s Even More Misinformation Being Shared About The 2017 General Election

Including a Tory MP who doesn't exist, Jeremy Corbyn's head on David Beckham's body, and a fake local newspaper.

There's No Evidence Theresa May Actually Said This Quote About Lesbians

An image of the prime minister has gone viral – but there's no evidence she actually said the words ascribed to her.

Here's More Misinformation Being Shared About The 2017 General Election

Including a picture that isn't of Jeremy Corbyn with the IRA, the claim young people as a unit can swing the vote and a whole bunch more dodgy charts.

9 More Deeply Dubious Graphs On 2017 Election Leaflets

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the data.

No, More People Under 25 Voting Won't Swing The Election Result

TL;DR: You'd need more young people than are actually alive right now to vote in order to force a Labour win.

Here's All The Misinformation Spreading About The General Election So Far

Including a woman flicking a V-sign at Jeremy Corbyn, a price cap on Freddos, and a whole bunch of dodgy charts.

How Politicians And Journalists Pushed A Dubious Conspiracy About HSBC Secretly Funding The Tories

An SNP candidate has called for an investigation into the claim, born on The Canary, which has been shared by senior journalists. But it doesn't stack up.

To Be Absolutely Clear, Jeremy Corbyn Is Not Promising To Cap The Price Of Freddos

A cap on chocolate frog prices is not understood to be one of Labour's manifesto pledges.

9 Deeply Questionable Graphs On 2017 Election Leaflets

Every time you abuse the y-axis, a psephologist dies.

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