26 Lovely Stories That Prove 2016 Wasn’t That Bad Of A Year

    2016 was pretty cute, sometimes.

    1. When this 3-year-old champ decorated the kitchen with carrots and was happy with the results.

    Samson Olive

    2. When this couple didn't capture any pictures of their wedding day so they re-created it 70 years later and looked divine.

    Lara Carter Photography / Via laracarterphotography.com

    3. When this Ghanaian kid turned into a gigantic meme and now the internet is funding his school fees.

    4. The time this mother from Cardiff realised her baby looks like Gordon Ramsay.

    "Hell's Kitchen." (Fox)

    5. When this ridiculously cute kitten was saved from Hurricane Matthew and was kept warm in a little sock jumper.

    6. When this little girl got hyped as hell for her first day off school.

    Sharvonne Broussard

    7. The night this woman wore McDonald’s bags as shoes after going out because not all heroes wear capes.

    Matthew Horwood / Via matt-horwood.com

    8. When this 16-month-old was confused by his father's twin brother.

    9. When we found out this dog waits for her owner to get off the schoolbus every day despite the fact she's at college.

    Carly Dunn

    10. When this dog photobombed its' owners maternity picture.

    Twitter: Ataliagarcia5 / Via Twitter: @Ataliagarcia5
    Whitney Bowie

    11. The time a little kid was caught sneaking into his neighbour's garage to hug their dog because his own dog had died.

    12. When this dad from Kansas got a tattoo of his son’s cancer surgery scar to help his son feel less self-conscious.

    stbaldricks / Via stbaldricks.org

    13. The time police in Rome cooked a lonely elderly couple pasta after they were heard crying.

    Questura di Roma/Facebook

    14. The time this family dog's haircut left him looking like a llama.

    15. When this father had a meltdown after taking a selfie with alpacas.

    16. The time this awesome mum left her daughter encouraging and lovely notes after the daughter was bullied for her skin colour.

    17. When this dog showed all the models how it's done.

    18. This relatable 3-year-old who tried candyfloss for the first time ever.

    19. When this boy from Maryland grew out his hair for kids with cancer.

    20. When the internet thirsted over this beautiful Dutch construction worker and pretty much helped him get signed as a model.

    21. When these bookworms found love on Twitter and got married.

    22. When Ghostbusters left a massive impact on little girls.

    Eric Charbonneau / AP

    23. The time this single mother from Fort Worth, Texas, went as a dad for a dads-only school event.

    Yevette Vasquez

    24. When this woman married her childhood sweetheart and it was so beautiful.

    Lindsey Kay Photography / Via lindseykayphotography.com

    25. The time this 5-year-old re-created Beyoncé's outfits for Halloween.

    instagram.com / Via Parkwood

    26. When this pet groomer was caught dancing with a dog.

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