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    22 Inventive Gadgets You'll Probably Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

    It's not the size of the gadget, but how you use it.

    1. This body shaver that'll help eliminate unwanted fuzz β€” especially in those hard-to-reach areas. It works wet or dry, and it even has a special safety guard to prevent unpleasant razor burn.

    A person shaves their back with the back blade

    2. This wireless touch keyboard with a range of ten meters, so you can quickly and easily make use of your smart TV from just about anywhere. Let's face it, typing each key individually on a remote is ANNOYING β€” but this plug-and-play gadget means surfing the internet, gaming, or finding your fave show is easier than ever.

    A person types on the lightweight keyboard with a large tv in the background

    3. A Mason jar tap that'll help you finally make use of all those jars you've got stashed in your cupboards. The best part is that it works with any regular-mouth Mason jar, so you can swap out bigger or smaller ones depending on what you're using it for. One reviewer even uses it for maple syrup!

    4. A mini donut maker, because sometimes you deserve a lil' sweet treat. This powerful little machine can pump out seven donuts in just a few minutes, so you can go from craving to reality in a flash.

    A close up of the inside of the donut maker where fresh mini donuts are visible

    5. A vibrating rose quartz facial massager that'll give you all the relaxing benefits of a regular roller with the added ~zhuzh~ of some good vibrations. It even comes with a smaller attachment that'll fit right under your eye to help de-puff and soothe tired peepers. There's even a battery included, so you can get rolling the moment it arrives.

    A person rolls the rose quartz roller over their smiling face

    6. A cute little Post-It note holder that'll help keep all your ideas (and your desk) organized. It's specially designed to work with those pesky accordion-style pads, too!

    The post it holder is sitting on a desk with a whole pad of post its on it

    7. A pet bathing tool that'll make your pupper's bathtime a lot less stressful (for both you and your pet). Your doggo will think you're petting them, but IN REALITY, you'll be giving them a thorough scrubbin'.

    8. This bidet attachment that'll give your bum a spritz of fresh, clean water after you're finished doing your business. It fits easily over your existing ivory throne so you don't have to do any costly renovations. Plus, it takes up minimal space β€” awesome for tiny bathrooms and powder rooms!

    9. This mini steam iron that'll work just as effectively as it's full-size counterpart β€” without taking up all the space. This baby heats up in just 15 seconds, which is awesome if you're halfway out the door and realize that your shirt is unforgivably wrinkly.

    10. A manual food chopper that uses a rip cord-like mechanism to help you with food prep. The stainless steel blades slice right through veggies, so you can spend less time prepping and more time actually enjoying your delicious creations.

    A person uses the food chopper to chop up tomatoes parsley red onion and peppers

    11. This deluxe swiveling vanity mirror that's so loaded with features, it's basically the Ferrari of mirrors. The LED lights mimic natural sunlight to give you true-to-life colours, and can be dimmed for day or night. Hidden inside is a pull-out mirror that magnifies 10x for all your detail work.

    12. This tension-relieving heat pad that's specially designed to sit perfectly on your shoulders. It even has little weights hidden in the seams, so you can focus on releasing stress, instead of constantly adjusting your heating pad.

    13. An electronic brush cleaner that'll help you say goodbye to gunky makeup brushes. All it takes is 10 seconds to restore your brushes to their former fluffy glory!

    14. This stylish smart health tracker that'll keep tabs on everything from calories you burn to sleep patterns, all the way through to your reproductive health. The water-resistant body is wrapped in stainless steel, so you can go ahead and wear this 24/7. And since it looks like a stylish piece of jewelry, there's no reason you wouldn't!

    15. This neat little citrus reamer that'll help juice all your fruits (without unleashing the scourge of seeds into all your food). The colander-like catcher stops seeds and pith from invading your food, while draining all the delicious citrus flavour.

    A person juices a lemon over a bowl where a few seeds are caught in the colander attachment

    16. This clothespin clip light that attaches to the edge of your fave novel, and delivers light precisely where you need it. The compact size makes it ideal for travelling or commuting, too.

    the paper clip light attached to the corner of a book

    17. This petite armadillo-shaped card holder, so you can easily keep track of important business cards. Say good-bye to old-fashioned Rolodexes β€” this little critter is functional AND fun!

    The armadillo card holder perched on a desk and holding two business cards

    18. This purifying cap that'll sanitize the contents of your water bottle using powerful UV rays. This USB-rechargeable lid shoots disinfecting light into the depths of your bottle, killing 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. It lasts for up to a week on a single charge, too!

    19. This sleek battery-operated spice mill that'll be a fantastic gadget for anyone who's sick to death of working hard for a little fresh ground seasoning. The ceramic grinding core will never rust, dull, or taint the flavour of your seasonings, which means you can even grind coarse salt if you want.

    A person grinds salt onto a thick slab of steak

    20. A pair of beer chilling sticks that will cool your beer down from the inside. Don't worry about accidentally choking on them, either. They're equipped with an airtight seal, so you can chill your beer and drink it, too.

    21. A portable dog paw cleaner that'll get your fur baby's paws squeaky clean after a messy walk in the park. All you need is a little bit of water to get things going. Plus, it's small enough to throw in your bag!

    22. And finally, an antimicrobial button pusher that'll help you open doors, press the elevator buttons, and use ATMs without actually using your fingers. This slim tool is designed to attach right to your key ring, so chances are you won't lose it, either.

    You can just go ahead and call me Inspector Gadget.

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