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    36 Products That’ll Help You Organize Your Whozits And Whatsits Galore

    Thingamabobs? I've got way more than twenty.

    1. A water bottle station that'll keep your countless tumblers from knocking over and creating chaos in your cupboard. The shelves have little dips that keep your water bottles firmly in place, so they won't bump into each other. Oh, and it's also great for storing DIY supplies, like rolls of ribbon and balls of yarn.

    A three-tier version with three water bottles on each shelf

    2. A zippered battery case that'll keep those pesky stray batteries from occupying so much space in your drawers. It comes with a battery tester to make sure everything you keep inside is fully functional.

    A before and after comparison of batteries on a table and batteries in the case

    3. A hanging double-sided jewelry organizer that has pockets on one side and hook-and-loop tabs on the other. Reviewers love that it allows them to see every piece of jewelry in their collection, so they don't have to dig through a box to find what they're looking for.

    4. A transparent gift wrap tote with space for a whopping 25 rolls of wrapping paper. Reviewers love that it saves them from awkwardly propping up rolls in their closet, and praying they won't be met with a gift wrap avalanche every time they crack it open.

    A gift wrap tote filled with rolls of wrapping paper

    5. A tabletop crafting cabinet with 44 drawers that'll keep your DIY essentials, like paper clips and push pins, neat and tidy. The back of the unit has screw holes pre-drilled into it, making it easy to mount, if you're not working with a lot of desk real estate.

    6. A silicone toiletry station that'll store all your essential hygeine tools and even has space for a backup razor blade. It grips to shiny surfaces like tiles and mirrors, but doesn't use any adhesive (so it won't ruin your stuff).

    A person putting a toothbrush into the pocket of the toiletry station

    7. An expandable drawer organizer with different-sized compartments that you can use to hold your notebooks, business cards, and stationery supplies. It can be collapsed fit in smaller spaces or expanded to cover entire desk drawers. It's also handy for storing makeup and jewelry!

    A desk organizer stocked with thumbtacks, paperclips, sticky notes, breath mints, and more

    8. An acryclic lipstick tower that'll turn your stash of mattes and glosses into a work of art. It can fit up to 28 tubes of lipstick and can be displayed vertically or horizontally. You can also stack 'em together to make a massive grid, if you buy more than one.

    A person adding a lipstick to an almost-full acrylic lipstick holder

    9. A car visor organizer to store all your miscellaneous doodads, from your spare change to your phone cords. It has a handy glasses clip and nine pockets that won't let your stuff slip out, even when you make a sharp turn.

    10. A hanging handbag holder that'll keep your bags and backpacks from eating up valuable closet space. It has eight pockets and swivels, so you don't need to take down the entire organizer to see what's inside. It's also great for stashing small blankets, sheets, towels, and other linens.

    Eight handbags inside the handbag organizer in a closet

    11. A monthly pill box collection that organizes your pills and vitamins for each day of the week by colour, and will keep all your tablets and capsules in order. It has sections for day and night, so you don't mix up when you should be taking your pills.

    The monthly pill organizer filled with capsules

    12. A pot and pan cover organizer that'll save you from cluttering up your cupboards and keep your lids from getting bashed around. It's completely adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your bakeware perfectly.

    Four pot and pan lids inside the organizer

    13. An iron hanger organizer that'll stop you from leaving your unused hangers in a tangled mess on the floor. You can hang them from the top, or stack them on their side, if you need even more space.

    14. An elephant phone mount that can also hold your pens, scissors, and other desk essentials. Reviewers say it's super sturdy and love that it doubles as a decor piece for their desk.

    An elephant phone mount holding a phone, pens, and scissors

    15. A pack of Velcro ties to organize all those cords that are currently floating around your office junk drawer. Reviewers say they do a better job than rubber bands and zip ties, so it may be time to make the switch.

    Velcro cord ties keeping charging wires neatly organized

    16. An in-drawer knife mat that'll keep your cooking tools safe, sharp, and organized. Reviewers love that it's easy to wash, meaning it doesn't collect gunk like regular vertical knife blocks.

    A knife mat inside a drawer next to cutlery and utensils

    17. A remote control holder, because your clicker is always going missing in your sofa cushions and you are tired of constantly searching for it. It has enough space for four remotes and can also be used for makeup and art supplies.

    Four remotes in the remote control holder on a table

    18. A set of pull-out bottle-organizing drawers to keep your nail polishes and essential oils neat and tidy. The unit can fit up to 36 bottles, so you'll have plenty of room to store the itty bitty containers that are currently eating up space on your vanity.

    19. An adhesive hook for your headphones that sticks right to the side of your desk. You can also use it to rest your cords and earbuds on when they're not being used. See ya later, tangled cords!

    20. A faux leather earring storage book that'll keep your studs and hoops in pairs, so you're faves will never go MIA. The holes are staggered, meaning your earrings won't scratch each other when it's closed.

    An open earring storage book holding several pairs of earrings next to a magazine

    21. An acrylic tea sachet case, so that your orange pekoes, earl greys, and sleepytime blends have a place to call home. The sections are large enough to fit salt and pepper packets, sweeteners, and coffee pods, if tea isn't your thing.

    The tea sachet organizer filled with packages of tea

    22. This over-the-door ironing station that has room to hold your iron board, iron, and fabric sprays. Reviewers say it's also an awesome storage solution for central vac accessories and attachments.

    An ironing station holding an ironing board, iron, and fabric spray

    23. A four-tier organizing bin that'll keep your snacks or beauty accessories in one place. Reviewers love how the stepped design makes it easy to see everything, unlike traditional flat bin storage.

    A variety of snacks in the four-tier bin

    24. A compact monitor raiser with storage shelves to keep your desk space free of clutter. Reviewers say it keeps their computer screen at eye level, so it can help alleviate stress on your neck, too.

    A computer monitor on top of the monitor raiser with a laptop and magazines beneath it

    25. A set of drawer organizers that'll help you get your floordrobe in order once and for all. It comes with four organizers, each with internal cell dividers, that'll keep everything looking Marie Kondo-level tidy.

    26. A transparent makeup palette divider with nine compartments for your eyeshadow, blush, contour, and lip sets. Now they won't get beat up from being pushed around in your drawers as you hunt for your favourite brow pencil or lipstick.

    Five palettes in the acrylic divider

    27. A nylon car seat organizer, if the back half of your vehicle is a bit of an embarrassment at the moment. Its straps can be adjusted to fit the seat of your car perfectly, and it has plenty of pockets where you can store water bottles, umbrellas, toys, and other treasures.

    A before and after comparison of a messy backseat and the car organizer filled with the same stuff

    28. A divided cutlery tray that stacks your forks, knives, and spoons on top of each other, giving you more space for other kitchen tools. The larger pockets are long enough to store wooden spoons and whisks.

    The cutlery tray in a drawer filled with utensils and cooking tools

    29. A cascading wall organizer with six pockets to hold your important files and documents. Its accordion design allows it to be collapsed into a single, filed-sized book when it's not hung up.

    The wall organizer on the wall of an office with a calendar in the transparent bottom pocket

    30. A makeup brush holder with a flexible, silicone interior that can hold beauty tools of all shapes and sizes (even toothbrushes and tweezers!). If your vanity is already organized, you can use it to hold pens, pencils, and other stationery essentials at your desk.

    Makeup brushes standing up in the makeup brush organizer

    31. A container lid organizer for all your food storage stuff, so that no bottom is ever without a top. It comes with five adjustable dividers, so you can give each style of lid its own home.

    The lid organizer filled with different sizes of lids

    32. An over-the-cabinet hot tool station that'll keep your hairstyling gadgets from taking up a ton of precious cupboard and counter space. It's made of steel, so you can throw in your curler or hair dryer while it's still cooling down and not worry about melting anything.

    A hot tool station with brushes, a blow dryer, and hot tools inside

    33. A rose gold desk organizer with space for your notepads, sticky notes, pens, and smaller bits and bobs. Its the perfect little station to keep on your desk, if you don't want to dig through drawers to get at your essentials.

    A rose gold desk organizer filled with pens, notes, paper clips, tape, and more

    34. A portable bedside caddy so that you don't have to share your bed with a pile of gadgets, glasses, and books. No bedside table, no problem.

    A person sliding a laptop into the bedside caddy

    35. A double-decker storage bin that'll keep your bathroom cabinet organized and give you a little extra space for your products. The bins pull out, so you don't have to remove the entire unit to find what you're looking for.

    The organizer filled with loofahs, towels, and bath products

    36. And finally, a nylon handbag organizer with plenty of pockets that'll keep the inside of your tote from looking like a bottomless pit of junk. Reviewers say the light colours are great, because everything stays visible, even in bags with dark interiors.

    You looking at everything in your apartment:

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