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    43 Products That Are Pretty Much Guaranteed To Help You Chill Out

    I'm so chill, I'm basically ❄️frosty❄️.

    1. A 300-piece puzzle that'll keep your brain (and hands) occupied during your down time. Created in partnership with popular meditation app Calm, the puzzle pairs with soothing audio content, so you can properly block out distractions.

    A person doing a puzzle while wearing headphones

    2. This aptly-named essential oil blend that'll help de-stress your tired mind. The combination of geranium, ylang ylang, and clary sage is floral, fresh, and designed to give you a moment of peace when you're feeling a bit run down.

    A person holding a small bottle of essential oils labeled quiet

    3. A handy massage guide for beginners that you can nudge towards your partner on the days when you feel a bit ~tense~. It's full of illustrations and simple instructions that'll take some of the guesswork out of manual therapy.

    A person holding up the massage guide for beginners

    4. These melatonin gummies that'll help you fall asleep and stay that way, too. Reviewers love that they don't experience any side effects (like grogginess or dependency) after taking them.

    A person holding out a jar of the gummies while sitting in bed

    5. A set of natural sensory doughs that'll give you something fun to do with your hands (besides scrolling through the news). Unlike the versions from your childhood, these are soft, fluffy, and scented with soothing essential oils that'll help you zone out and chill.

    A set of four jars of sensory dough, each in a different colour

    6. A cold therapy ice roller that'll de-puff your skin, smooth your pores, and help all your expensive skincare absorb better. You can even use it to help in the fight against headaches and migraines.

    7. A bathtub wine caddy that'll hold your pinot while you're soakin'. When applied properly, this baby can hold up to seven pounds of liquid — it even works with mugs and bottles, so go ahead and get creative.

    A person sitting in a tub with a wine glass in the caddy

    8. This teensy acupressure tool that reviewers say has basically eliminated their chronic headaches and sinus pain altogether. Since it's wearable and completely adjustable, you can pop it on and go about your day — set it and forget it, baby!

    A top down shot of a person typing on their keyboard while wearing the acupressure tool

    9. This easy-peasy steeper that'll help you throw a solo tea party. Each one makes just enough tea for a single cup, so you'll never have to share.

    A person using the steeper to make themselves a cup of iced tea

    10. An essential oil rollerball that's basically a PMS-fighting, fresh-smelling, migraine-busting, cramp-eliminating miracle. It's an awesome all-natural remedy for those days when everything sucks, and you just need a little pick-me-up.

    A person holds the roll-on between their fingers

    11. This double-sided sherpa blanket that'll keep you comfy-cozy on the days when getting out of bed just isn't in the cards. It'll be the perfect companion for movie marathons, sofa snuggles, and mid-afternoon naps.

    The double-sided blanket draped over a bed

    12. This edibles cookbook that'll help you bake up some ganja goodies. Each of the 30 recipes yields delicious, low-dose treats that'll improve your culinary skills while (hopefully!) doling out some much-needed zen.

    13. A pack of pop-open affirmation cards that'll give your mood a lil' boost during your dark days. Reviewers love sharing these little positive notes with friends and family and say they're perfect for tucking into cards or lunchboxes.

    Someone holding up one of the pop-open affirmation cards

    14. This cult-fave (and all-natural!) pillow spray that'll help you ditch invasive thoughts and drift off to dreamland. It's infused with vetiver, chamomile, and lavender that'll lull you into a deeper, more restful sleep while combating anxiety and stress in the process.

    A person holding up a bottle of the pillow spray against a bright background

    15. An adult colouring book that'll unleash your inner artist and take your mind off things for a while. The pages are filled with aquatic designs that are equal parts relaxing and beautiful.

    A colouring book on a wooden table

    16. And a box of vibrant dual-ended markers that'll help you doodle away your stress. Each marker has a thick end and a thin end, meaning they’re great for both colouring and detail work.

    17. These cooling eye patches that'll help de-puff and soothe your tired and stressed peepers. They're infused with caffeine and seawater to give your skin a healthy boost when you're not feeling your best.

    A person looking into the camera and wearing the eye patches

    18. A mood-boosting essential oil roll-on that'll help you de-stress whenever the weight of the world gets to be too much. Zesty bergamot is grounded by floral geranium, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and frankincense to give you a mini dose of all-natural aromatherapy (wherever you are).

    Someone rolling the rollerball onto their neck

    19. This bamboo bath tray that'll let you bring all your favourite things into the tub. It has a slot for your wine glass, a nook for a candle, and a waterproof stand for your tablet or novel (it's big enough for a small plate of snacks, too).

    Someone bathing in a bubble bath with the bath tray perched over the edges

    20. An 18-piece pack of reflexology rings that'll help relieve anxiety and finger fatigue. They also make for fantastic fidget toys, if you have trouble keeping your hands still.

    21. An eye massager that'll all the ease tension and puffiness in your poor eyeballs. Reviewers say it's a total godsend for anyone who suffers from migraines, sinus pressure, and allergies, too.

    The eye massager on a countertop; it looks like a pair of sunglasses

    22. Or this targeted eye massager that'll tuck right under your peepers. It's designed to mimic the gentle tapping of fingers to help smooth out imperfections (not that you have them!) and improve the absorption of your fave lotions and potions.

    23. A white noise machine that will emit 24 soothing, sleep-inducing nature sounds to drown out traffic, snoring, tinnitus, and even loud neighbours. Reviewers love the timer feature, so you can set it and drift off in peace.

    24. This bath milk and soak duo, if your idea of relaxation is chilling out in the tub. It'll soften and moisturize your skin, help soothe inflammation, and ease sore muscles, so you can get back to being a total superhero.

    Two jars of the bath products stacked on top of one another on a person's hand

    25. This nighttime herbal tea that'll help you chill out before bed. Instead of traditional chamomile, it uses oat flower and lavender to help soothe and relax (a blessing for those of us who find chamomile to be...kinda gross).

    Someone steeping a bag of the nighttime tea in a ceramic mug

    26. Or a collection of feel-good teas from DavidsTea that'll target a whole slew of stressors. Whether you're looking for a gentle caffeine kick, a digestive aid, or a sleepy tea, this magical lil' box has got it.

    A set of boxes filled with mini tins of tea blends

    27. An acupressure mat that'll relax your tense muscles from tip to toe. It has thousands of massaging nodes that reviewers say are more effective at reducing aches and pains than other, more expensive remedies.

    28. This essential oil diffuser that'll make you feel like you're living at the spa, without the hefty price tag. It's sleek and stylish, meaning it won't mess with your home decor ~vibes~.

    The diffuser on a windowsill

    29. Or this teensy floating humidifier that'll transform any glass of water into a diffuser. You could also pair it with your fave essential oils, if you're more into aromatherapy.

    A small hoop inserted into a glass of water; vapour is seen emanating frm the glass

    30. A mini Theragun massager for when you need some *major* tension relief. It's small enough to tuck into your bag or nightstand, so you won't have to sacrifice any precious real estate on your mission for relaxation.

    31. A relaxing face mask that'll soothe any stress-related breakouts and leave your skin looking healthy and happy. It's powered by cannabis seed extract, but don't fret — it's non-psychoactive, so you can reap the benefits without the high.

    32. This body pillow that'll replace multiple cushions and make snuggling up in bed or on the couch about a bazillion times easier. It might have been designed with pregnant people in mind, but it's also awesome for anyone who just wants a cuddle.

    A person snoozing on the u-shaped body pillow

    33. This art print titled "Safe Space" that'll help you find yours when things are feeling overwhelming.

    A graphic print depicting people bathing in a colourful river

    34. A jar of these adorable bath bombs that'll help you find your ~chill~ during bath time. Each tablet is infused with the relaxing scent of jasmine and roses (plus a hefty dose of moisturizing jojoba and hemp seed oils) to help soothe and hydrate your skin.

    A person holds the jar of bath bombs against a bathtub backdrop

    35. This jar of botanicals that's specifically designed for facial steams. Sprinkle a smidge into some hot water to get goin', and be sure to save that scented floral water to add to clay masks (or to use as a DIY face mist).

    A close-up of the botanicals inside the jar

    36. This waterproof scalp massager that'll feel like having a personal battery-operated massage therapist in the shower. The rubber tips will gently vibrate to build rich shampoo lather, exfoliate the scalp, and help stimulate hair growth.

    A person using the vibrating head massager under the shower

    37. A sleep aid metronome that'll help you doze off in a flash. Using a neat lil' light projection, it'll help you slow down your breathing and calm your pulse — creating optimal conditions for falling into a deep, relaxing slumber.

    A person lightly presses the top of the metronome to activate it

    38. This chic bath pillow that'll help you really chill out in the tub. Thanks to the seven suction cups on the back, you won't be slip-sliding around the next time you sink into some bubbles.

    A person off-camera holding up the floral-printed rectangular bath pillow

    39. This melatonin skin serum that'll help your complexion get some much-needed rest. The solid stick formula makes it easy as pie to apply, no matter how lazy you're feeling.

    A person holds the solid serum in their hand

    40. A set of scented shower tablets that'll help open up your sinuses and start your day off right. With just a few drops of water, they'll start fizzing and releasing their scent.

    A set of shower steamer tablets arranged on a bathroom vanity

    41. A pair of massaging slippers that'll finally solve the problem of sore feet, once and for all. The reflexology nodes may take some getting used to, but reviewers say they relieve everything from tired, achy feet to sciatica in as little as ten minutes.

    A person wearing the reflexology slippers

    42. This lavender-scented memory foam pillow that'll help banish neck kinks and aches for good. Reviewers say the fragrance is on the milder side, so you won't get any perfume-induced headaches while you're headed to Snoozeville.

    43. And lastly, this undated planner that'll help you keep track of your appointments and to-do lists (and all your brilliant ideas, of course!). It also includes colourful stickers to keep everything organized and easy to reference!

    A colourful daily planner

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