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    32 Things You Probably Need If You're Always Full Of Aches And Pains

    Bye, pain! See ya never.

    1. A bug bite suction tool that'll suck out all the toxins that pests (like bees, lice, and mosquitoes) jab into your skin. Since it doesn't rely on chemicals, oils, or other ingredients, it'll never irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions.

    A person uses the suction tool on a child's hand as they hang on the side of a pool

    2. A pair of massaging slippers that'll finally solve the problem of sore feet, once and for all. The reflexology nodes may take some getting used to, but reviewers say they relieve everything from tired, achy feet to sciatica in as little as ten minutes.

    A person wearing the reflexology slippers

    3. A all-natural spray that will easily relieve all your aches and pains. Reviewers say they felt relief in minutes and say it works for all manner of ouchies (like migraines, sprained ankles, and arthritis, to name a few).

    A person holding up a bottle of the anti-pain spray

    4. A handheld percussive massager that'll ~untangle~ your painful knots and help your body recover faster after workouts. It comes with five different heads, so you'll always get the kind of relief you need.

    A person using the percussion massager on their back

    5. This eczema-relieving stick that'll help you fend off any outbreaks of dry, itchy, painful skin. It's unscented, anti-inflammatory, and will help to speed up the healing process, too.

    A person applying the stick to their hands

    6. These natural heating patches that'll deliver some toasty therapy when curling around a hot water bottle is a no-go. They start working the moment they're unwrapped and can be slapped on anywhere you've got some pain (like your belly or lower back).

    Someone lounging on a couch with the heating pad stuck to the front of their undies

    7. An essential oil rollerball that's basically a PMS-fighting, fresh-smelling, migraine-busting, cramp-eliminating miracle. It's an awesome, all-natural remedy for those days when everything sucks, and you just need a little pick-me-up.

    A person holds the roll-on between their fingers

    8. A pair of stylish blue light-blocking glasses that'll protect your peepers from fatigue during screen time. They'll keep annoying things like blurry vision and migraines at bay, and look cute enough to wear during your next video chat.

    A person wearing the blue light glasses in their office

    9. These flexible ice packs that'll help soothe all your small boo-boos. They'll never get stiff or hard (even when frozen), which means they'll be easy to apply just about anywhere.

    Someone twisting the mini ice pack

    10. This wearable acupressure tool that reviewers say has basically eliminated their chronic headaches and sinus pain altogether. It's easy to pop on and is completely adjustable, you can pop it on and go about your day.

    A top down shot of a person typing on their keyboard while wearing the acupressure tool

    11. This all-natural multipurpose balm you can use for everything from soothing insect bites to removing your makeup. Its power comes from ingredients like calendula and marshmallow that'll soothe irritation and deliver some majorly moisturizing results.

    Someone holding up a tin of the multi-use balm

    12. These lightweight sneakers that'll keep your feet comfy while you're running, lifting, squatting, or just power walking around the block. They're made of a compression mesh that'll never feel stiff or uncomfortable and will let you skip the dreaded "breaking in" period, too.

    13. A cork yoga block that'll keep you supported and pain free during your practice. This handy tool will help you achieve difficult poses and assist in balance if you're not quite as flexible as you'd like.

    A person using the block to support them in a yoga pose

    14. An eye massager that'll all the ease tension and puffiness in your poor eyeballs. Reviewers say it's a total godsend for anyone who suffers from migraines, sinus pressure, and allergies, too.

    The eye massager on a countertop; it looks like a pair of sunglasses

    15. These cold therapy socks that'll ~chill~ out painful inflammation and swelling. They're also fantastic on really hot summer days when your tootsies get overheated.

    A person wearing the ice pack socks

    16. A huge bag of lavender-scented epsom salts that will help your body recover after strenuous exercises. They'll soothe sore, overexerted muscles and are infused with natural essential oils to lull you into a restful slumber afterwards.

    A flatlay of a large bag of lavender-scented epsom salts

    17. Or this foaming bath soak that'll soothe your achy, break-y body. It also contains a hefty dose of healing Epsom salts, and reviewers say the rich, dense bubbles stick around a lot longer than other brands'.

    A bottle of the bath soak on a bamboo bath tray

    18. This body pillow that'll replace multiple pillows and make snuggling up in bed or on the couch about a bazillion times easier. It might have been designed with pregnant people in mind, but it's also awesome for anyone who struggles to get comfy.

    A person snoozing on the u-shaped body pillow

    19. A mini Theragun massager for when you need some *major* tension relief. It's small enough to tuck into your bag or nightstand, so you won't have to sacrifice any precious real estate on your mission for relaxation.

    20. These supporting pads that'll help ease some strain during weight-bearing poses. They're made of grippy rubber, so your hands and feet won't slip around when you get a bit sweaty.

    21. A cold therapy ice roller that'll de-puff your skin, smooth your pores, and help all your expensive skincare absorb better. You can even use it to help in the fight against headaches and migraines.

    22. An aloe vera-infused pillow that'll cradle your noggin, so you'll never wake up with a crick in your neck ever again. It's made of memory foam that'll adjust to every position, while keeping you cool and comfy all night long.

    23. This tiny massage ball that'll easily target tight muscles and other pains anywhere on your body. It's basically the Holy Grail of combating plantar fasciitis, too!

    A person rolling their foot over a tiny spiky rubber ball

    24. These detoxing foot pads that are designed to help ease stress. Reviewers say they sleep better and wake up feeling more rested after wearing these overnight — plus, no more sore feet!

    A close up of the bottom of a person's feet where the pads have been applied

    25. An acupressure mat that'll relax your tense muscles from tip to toe. It has thousands of massaging nodes that reviewers say are more effective at reducing aches and pains than other, more expensive remedies.

    A person lying on the acupressure mat

    26. This waterproof scalp massager that'll feel like having a personal battery-operated massage therapist in the shower. It has vibrating rubber tips that'll ease scalp tension and help stimulate hair growth, too.

    A person using the vibrating head massager under the shower

    27. An extra-thick exercise mat that's perfect for anyone with mobility issues that other mats just don't address. The high-density material will cushions elbows, palms, hips, and other joints and prevent slippage, so you'll be able to practice your scorpion pose safely.

    A person stretching on the yoga mat

    28. This Bluetooth computer mouse that'll adjust to the curve of your hand, so your wrist will stay pain free while you're working. Once you're done, just snap it flat and tuck it into your laptop bag!

    29. This chic bath pillow that'll help you really chill out in the tub. Thanks to the seven suction cups on the back, you won't be slip-sliding around the next time you sink into some bubbles (or straining your neck).

    A person off-camera holding up the floral-printed rectangular bath pillow

    30. This puppy-shaped neck warmer that'll banish pain and stiffness for good. Its plush body is filled with wheat berries, so you won't need to worry about it leaking hot water or gel all over your bed.

    31. An adjustable brace that'll help stave off back pain. Whether you're suffering from a herniated disc, scoliosis, or just want a lil' extra support during exercise, it'll deliver — sans pinching, buckling, or restricting your movement.

    A person lifting weights at the gym while wearing the back brace

    32. And lastly, this vibrating full-body mat that's equipped with a TON of functions to tackle all your aches and pains. It has five massage modes spread out over four zones to deliver some targeted relief.

    A person sleeping on the full-body mat

    Me, feeling all my ouchies melt away:

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