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    24 Kitchen Gizmos That'll Do All Those Annoying Jobs (So You Don't Have To)

    I am the world's laziest chef.

    1. A pair of bottle-cleaning beans that'll help you scrub away that unreachable gunk that lives at the bottom of your vessels. The pods are filled with ceramic beads that'll slough away all kinds of buildup (no matter how long it's been there).

    2. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll help you pit, slice, and scoop with ease. Best of all, it tucks up nice and small, so you won't need to sacrifice a ton of drawer space.

    A flatlay of the tool next to a sliced avocado

    3. This stainless steel cleaner polish that'll help you buff out fingerprints, smudges, and grease on all your appliances. The formula easily dissolves grime and leaves behind a protective film to keep new streaks from forming.

    4. A pair of glossy sink strainers that'll keep kitchen debris out of your pipes. The base is made of flexible silicone that'll adjust to fit your drain, so you'll always have a snug seal.

    5. One of these produce keepers that'll prevent your greenery from wilting five minutes after you buy it. They work by filtering carbon, so your fruits and veggies will stay crisp and fresh (instead of getting soft and soggy).

    An open fridge with several produce savers stacked inside

    6. A silicone bacon bin that'll keep the grease from clogging up your pipes and garbage disposal. It's easy to scoop back out and even has a strainer attachment to keep all that bacon-y goodness silky-smooth for future use.

    7. An expandable colander that'll help you drain your produce, without making a mess of your kitchen. It'll fit right over your sink and is sturdy enough to use as a dish-drying rack, if you like.

    8. This rocking garlic press that'll save you a ton of prep time and protect your fingers from these delicious (yet pungent) nuggets. The rocking motion means you won't need to have Hulk strength for it to be effective, either!

    A person rocks the press over a garlic clove on a cutting board

    9. This scrap trap that'll help you scoop mess and debris out of the way when you're cooking. It even comes with a scraper, so you won't have to get your hands dirty.

    A person scoops kitchen scraps off the counter and into the cabinet-mounted trap

    10. A compact air fryer that'll help you achieve optimal crispiness (without taking up all your counter space). It has a ton of safety features, too, like cool-touch handles, non-slip feet, and an automatic shut-off for stress free cooking.

    A mini air fryer on a kitchen counter

    11. These easy-release ice cube trays that you won't have to wrestle with the next time you're craving a frosty beverage. They come with spillproof lids that'll prevent freezer messes, too.

    12. A grass-like drying pad that'll help your dishes dry faster. The silicone fronds keep condensation from building inside your bottles and glassware, so you won't have to polish away the water stains.

    A set of upside-down wine glasses on the grassy drying pad

    13. A pancake batter mixer that will take the mess out of making Sunday brunch. It'll double as a dispenser bottle and even features a pressure-release cap that'll prevent sputtering and spraying.

    14. A 2-in-1 silicone whisk that's basically the adult version of a Transformer. A quick twist and you can turn your whisk into a flexible spatula that'll handle delicate items (like fish) with basically zero effort.

    Two hands holding the spatula in two configurations

    15. This cold brew coffee maker that'll prep your java while you're sleeping, so you can get caffeinated ASAP. The bottom section also doubles as a carafe, in case you don't finish every last drop (you will).

    The cold brew maker on a kitchen table, backlit by sunlight

    16. This meat chopper that will un-clump your fave ground protein. It's time to give your poor spatula a rest! Plus, reviewers say it can even be used as a potato masher and mushroom chopper.

    A person chops ground meat in a pan with the chopping tool

    17. This genius 3-in-1 rolling pin that'll flatten, flour, and measure your dough. Thanks to the integrated duster, keeping your pastry from sticking has never been easier.

    18. This Mason jar juicer lid that'll turn ordinary jars into lean, mean, juicing machines. It's made of recycled plastic and features a hidden screen that'll filter out pulp and seeds.

    A close up of the juicer lid on a Mason jar filled with orange juice

    19. A manual food chopper that uses a rip cord-like mechanism to help you with all that tedious chopping. The stainless steel blades can slice right through veggies, so you'll spend less time prepping and more time actually enjoying your delicious creations.

    A person uses the food chopper to chop up tomatoes parsley red onion and peppers

    20. This folding steamer basket that'll make giving your fave veggies a steam bath easier than ever. It'll fit inside just about any pot, and reviewers say the plastic design is far superior to rust-prone metal versions.

    Someone using the steamer basket inside a pot

    21. These handy little corn holders that'll protect your digits from getting singed and keep your cob from slipping from your grasp. Their sharp stainless steel prongs will pierce woody ends with ease and then interlock into one another for clutter-free storage.

    A set of colourful corn cob holders attached to grilled cobs

    22. An egg cooker that'll take the guesswork out of breakfast prep. You'll have perfectly-cooked oeufs in less time than it takes to boil water on the stove, and it even comes with handy accessories for poaching and making omelettes, too.

    An egg cooker on a table surrounded by perfectly cooked eggs

    23. A pair of spoon rests that'll keep your prep space free of sauces and spills. They're designed to clip right onto the edge of your cookware, so all those tasty juices will stay right in the pot (instead of all over your kitchen).

    A pig-shaped silicone spoon rest clipped to the edge of a soup pot

    24. And finally, this collapsible funnel that'll tuck right into your drawers when you're not using it. Plus, it's made of soft silicone that won't scrape your bottles and jars.

    Let's get cookin', baby!

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