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    40 Beauty Products Under $40 That'll Make You Feel Like You Just Spent The Day At A Spa

    Get a load of these SPA-ctacular items!

    1. This hair removing tool that'll help eliminate unwanted fuzz with minimum ouch. Reviewers are obsessed with how gentle it is on sensitive skin, and say it doesn't cause annoying ingrown hairs. And it's even effective on ultra short growth, which means you don't need to wait before trimming again.

    A person using the hair remover to remove hair from their upper lip

    2. Some collagen-infused lip masks that will give your smoocher a boost of softness and hydration. The hyper-concentrated formula of collagen and glycerin is great for plumping and moisturizing, and also helps to make your lips more resistant to environmental factors (like dry air conditioning).

    A person holding the lip mask up

    3. These crystal nail files, so you can fix snags and chips on the go. Because they have a fine grit, they'll give you ultra smooth results. And reviewers love that they don't pull or tug at cuticles, and say they last a lot longer than old school emery boards.

    4. This bestselling detangling brush that'll make short work of knots and snags, without making you feel like you're ripping your strands out by the root. Reviewers love how easily the bristles glides through all hair types — even curls and extensions!

    A hand holding the brush against a bright background

    5. These de-puffing 24K gold eye patches that'll give your tender eye contour area the TLC it really needs (and often doesn't get). Unlike other eye masks, this one targets the area all the way around your eyes, so tired peepers look refreshed and rejuvenated, even if you're feeling anything but.

    A person holds a pack of two patches with expertly manicured fingers

    6. This set of intensely hydrating sheet masks that'll make your skin feel like you just got a professional facial. Reviewers say it soothes skin irritations (like rosacea), and leaves their faces feeling soft and smooth as heck, too.

    An overhead photo of three packages of the sheet mask with one of the sheets removed to show it's texture

    7. These hair coils that are way hardier than ordinary elastics, won't leave bumps in your hair, and won't give you ponytail headaches, either. And once they get a little stretched out, just drop them in hot water and watch them shrink right back to their original size.

    A hand holding several of the clear, coiled hair ties

    8. This awesome soothing massage oil that'll help ease aches and pains, and help skin reach new levels of suppleness. Sure, the blend of peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass is soothing and smells pretty great — but it's so much more than that. Every ingredient works hard to eliminate soreness while also helping detox the skin.

    A person holds a bottle of the massage oil over a terrazzo countertop

    9. This Mario Badescu silver powder that's basically every blackhead's nightmare. Think of it like a plunger for stubborn, clogged pores! Dip a moist cotton pad into the powdered sugar texture, then press onto affected areas. Wipe it off after 10 minutes, and bask in your rejuvenated complexion.

    A jar of powder is tipped over on a blank surface and has spilled out, demonstrating its powdery texture

    10. This rose petal peel-off face mask that'll help detoxify your skin and open up all those clogged pores. Reviewers say their skin was positively glowing after using it!

    11. This nail strengthening cream that'll not only help heal splits, chips, and cracks, but will also fortify fragile claws so they grow big and strong. Reviewers say it's helped reverse damage from gel manicures, and even helps to counteract the drying effects of hand sanitizer.

    A tub of the nail strengthener on a wooden countertop

    12. This intensely hydrating and conditioning hair mask powered by Jamaican black castor oil that's specially designed to hit the reset button on your locks. Suffering from split ends? Solved. Worried about excessive shedding? Solved. Reviewers say it's basically the Holy Grail of hair repair!

    A person dips their fingers into the conditioner, showing off the rich creamy texture

    13. A rechargeable foot file that'll help you get rid of those tough, crusty calluses, without straining your wrist in the process. Thanks to the two-speed system and interchangeable heads, you'll feel like you got a professional pedicure!

    A person holds up the foot file against a colourful background

    14. A vibrating rose quartz facial massager that'll give you all the relaxing benefits of a regular roller with the added ~zhuzh~ of some good vibrations. It even comes with a smaller attachment that'll fit right under your eye to help de-puff and soothe tired eyes. There's also a battery included, so you can get rolling the moment it arrives.

    A person rolls the rose quartz roller over their smiling face

    15. This Mario Badescu facial spray that's graced just about every blogger's, beauty editor's, and influencer's pages at least once. This standout product does it all, which is why it's so wildly popular. Reviewers use it to set their makeup, give their skin a quick dose of hydration, or refresh a tired face after a long day.

    A bottle of the facial spray rests on some tulle and ribbon

    16. This conditioning hair mist that uses coconut milk to soften, hydrate, and detangle. The formula not only smells great, but doesn't contain any silicone, so your locks won't get weighed down or sticky. Reviewers say it's absolutely fantastic for curly hair, and gives each coil a frizz-free bounce.

    The bottle of hair mist next to some tropical fruits

    17. These pimple patches with over 2,000 reviews that will help bust any impending blemishes, and chill out the angry ones that appear seemingly overnight. They'll suck all the gunk right out, so you'll feel like you just hit up the dermatologist.

    A person holds up a package of pimple patches with overlaid text that reads "AMAZING"

    18. A complete eyebrow tinting kit, so you can take your brows from "Oof" to "OOMPH" in just a few minutes. Application is super easy, too. All you need is 15 minutes, and your brows will look full and fantastic for up to six weeks.

    A person holds the eyebrow tinting kit against a plain background

    19. A set of facial cupping tools that'll help naturally increase circulation in your face and keep your complexion looking 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Reviewers love that it also helps reduce facial tension, too! Just make sure you add a few drops of an emollient serum, cream, or facial oil to avoid unpleasant tugging, and get cupping!

    20. This Aztec healing clay mask that's beloved by reviewers and beauty editors alike. This powdered product is designed to be mixed with apple cider vinegar (but you can use water, too, if you have sensitive skin) to help deeply cleanse and dissolve gunk and oil build-up on your skin. But don't limit yourself — it can even be used as an intensive detox bath, or as a treatment mask for textured hair.

    A smiling person wearing the mask with the caption "My face is 100% frozen"

    21. This dual surface nail brush, so you can get your hands looking 👌👌👌. One side has short, stiff bristles to get neatly under your nails, while the other features longer, softer bristles that'll scrub away dirt and grime from your hands.

    A close up of a person washing their nails with the brush under running water

    22. A quick-drying hair towel that'll keep your hair out of your face while you're ~masking~, and help reduce frizz and breakage, too. There's even a nifty button closure, so you can wear it while changing at the pool, or just when you're getting ready in the morning.

    23. These moisturizing eye masks that will deliver targeted hydration to dry peepers. They're also super easy to apply, too! Reviewers adore the de-puffing benefits, and say they've noticed a difference in their under-eye area after just a few uses.

    24. This rose quartz gua sha tool that'll encourage circulation in your face and help improve your complexion. It also helps fight puffiness, dullness, and tension — just make sure to pair it with a serum or cream, so you're not pulling at your skin.

    25. A lavender-infused pedicure sponge that'll buff away dead skin and dirt from your tootsies. The addition of tea tree oil helps to keep athlete's foot and funguses at bay, too! Reviewers recommend using it before bedtime, and say they wake up to softer feet in the morning.

    26. A set of silicone face mask brushes that'll help you evenly apply your fave face mask. The flexible silicone tips are designed to contour to the curves of your face, so you never miss a spot, either.

    An overhead photo of four silicone face masks arranged on a vanity

    27. This cooling gel eye mask that'll de-puff a tired, sleepy face and help fight migraines in the process. The flexible shape makes it easy to apply wherever you need a dose of therapeutic cold, like on itchy bug bites, bruises, or sore muscles.

    A person relaxes with the gel eye mask

    28. This cute manicure set, so you can give yourself a stellar mani-pedi right in your living room. The kit contains everything you'll need to trim cuticles, shape nails, and eliminate gunky build-up.

    29. This extra gentle wash-off mask that'll soften dry, rough skin and leave it silky-soft and supple. It's powered by natural rice bran powder and rice water, a couple of powerful antioxidants that'll also help fight environmental pollution (a blessing for anyone living in a metropolis).

    A person holds up the tub of the rice mask

    30. This pink charcoal scalp-cleansing oil that'll help exfoliate your scalp and rehydrate dry hair. If you're the kind of person who can't bear to part with their dry shampoo (me), a little squirt of this oil is enough to bust all that product build-up and let your hair follicles breathe for a change.

    31. This collapsible foot soak tub that'll give your tootsies the spa treatment, and fold up neatly when you're finished. Thanks to the rolling knobs and silicone nodes, you'll be able to give your feet a relaxing massage, too!

    32. This weighted eye mask that'll feel like a comforting hug for your eyeballs. It's filled with small beads that'll curve to your face and help block out all light. Reviewers say it's helped them with eye strain and tension headaches, too. You can even keep it in the fridge for an extra dose of ~chill~.

    A person lying on the couch while wearing the weighted eye mask

    33. This minty relief mist that reviewers say helps to tackle common problems like neck cricks and itchy skin — it can even help bust stuffy noses. Or you can use it in the shower for an at-home steam room experience!

    A close up of a person holding the relief mist spray bottle

    34. This cool-mist humidifier that'll amp up the moisture levels in your home, because air conditioning can be really hard on your skin and hair. Humidifiers are also said to help to reduce allergies, prevent snoring, limit the spread of airborne viruses, and to prevent dry skin.

    A close up of the sleek humidifier as it releases a cloud of vapour into the air

    35. These heatable spa booties that'll be just the thing to help relax tired, sore feet (and doesn't require a trip to a masseuse). Pop the lavender-scented inserts into the microwave, slip on these plush slippers, and just let the tension melt away.

    A person reclines on a comfy sofa while wearing the booties

    36. An exfoliating dry brush that'll help reveal your smoothest, softest skin yet. It's also a HUGE help when you've gotten a bit of a sunburn (oops!) and want to make that annoying flaky skin disappear. The soft massaging nodes and natural bristles make it a real pleasure to use, too — no more scratches or irritation!

    A close up of the brush that shows off the bristles and soft massaging nodes

    37. Some lavender-scented Epsom salts that'll help you unwind after a long day. Just two cups of these magic minerals tossed into a warm bath is enough to lull your body into a deep sense of relaxation. And since there's absolutely no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, they won't irritate your skin either.

    A person pours a cup of Epsom salts into a bath

    38. This silicone scalp brush that'll help you scrub away the stress of the day. It's a great solution to ponytail headaches, and the flexible waterproof bristles help remove dandruff and product build-up, too.

    39. This deep-cleansing and detoxifying face mask that's made with mud from the Dead Sea, and will give your skin a healthy, smooth glow. It's not just for your face, either — the mineral-rich formula is fantastic for clearing up body acne, too. Or just anywhere you want a lil' pampering!

    40. And finally, this vibrant semi-permanent colour, because there's no faster way to feel like a brand new person than to change up your locks. This creamy amethyst shade is great on all hair colours — even dark brunettes like mine! The colour will be brighter on pre-lightened hair, but if you don't want to bleach, that works just fine. The formula will cling to light baby hairs and give you a delicate wash of colour — boredom busted!

    Might be time for a spa day!

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