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    32 Awesome Things That'll Probably Make You Go, "Hello, I Love You"

    Cue happy dance!

    1. A trio of facial razors that'll remove your peach fuzz and help buff away dead skin. They're super thin, making them perfect for shaping eyebrows, dermaplaning, and doing precision work around your bikini area.

    A person holding up one of the skinny facial razors

    2. This finger protector that'll keep you from destroying your digits while you shred your cheese. It also makes holding wet or slippery foods easier, so you won't accidentally slice yourself during meal prep.

    3. This water-collecting boot rack that'll protect your floors from slush and salt. The V-shaped platforms provide drainage, giving your footwear the chance to properly dry (and not just sit in a puddle).

    4. This stainless steel cleaner that'll help you buff out fingerprints, smudges, and grease. Just one spritz will easily dissolve grime, and it leaves behind a protective film that'll stop future residue from appearing.

    5. This slim umbrella that comes with a bottle that'll let you store it when it's still damp. The bottle doubles as a sturdy protective case, if you tend to be a lil' rough on your parasols.

    6. This ingrown hair oil that'll halt those annoying bumps before they even appear. Antibacterial tea tree oil is paired with hydrating coconut oil to fight razor burn, redness, and post-hair removal breakouts.

    7. This cold brew coffee maker that'll give you café-quality java, sans barista. The bottom section also doubles as a carafe, in case you don't finish every last drop (you will).

    The cold brew maker on a table backlit by sunlight

    8. An overnight dry shampoo that'll absorb sweat, dirt, and oil while you're snoozin'. By spritzing it on before bedtime, you'll allow the activated charcoal and natural powders to absorb into your mane, so you'll wake up with fresher locks (no rubbing or brushing necessary).

    A person holding up a bottle of dry shampoo towards the camera

    9. A curved shower rod that'll keep your curtains from clinging to your legs during your morning ablutions. It's also a quick 'n' cheap way to expand your shower space!

    A close up of a curved shower rod with a curtain hung on it

    10. A tube of anti-chafe gel that'll protect your sack from sweat and itchiness. Forget about messy talc powder and baby powder — this gel goes on smooth as heck, dries down fast, and won't leave a residue on your underwear.

    Five tubes of anti-chafe gel neatly arranged on a vanity shelf

    11. This period care bundle that'll make that time of the month suck a lil' bit less. Whether you're suffering through a migraine, cramping, or breaking out, consider this set your first line of defense.

    12. A pair of silicone pocket bags that'll help you organize your odds and ends. They have a pinch-press seal that makes them leakproof and totally airtight, so you can store lotions and creams (without worrying they'll leak everywhere).

    13. This electric scrubber that'll help you fly through chore time. The oscillating brush is small enough to fit into all your nooks and crannies, and blasts away grime like nobody's business.

    14. A roll of natural dental floss that'll glide between your chompers and snag every scrap of leftover food. It's infused with hydrating coconut oil that won't irritate your gums, either!

    15. A poop bag carrier that'll easily attach to any leash or carrier, so you'll have one less thing to juggle during walkies. It can hold up to ten bags, which is great if your pup has an *ahem* active bowel.

    16. This dual-ended callus remover that'll (you guessed it!) eliminate pesky hard skin. By mimicking the shape of a barbel or chin-up bar, you'll be able to easily target your calluses right where they appear most often.

    17. This car organizer that'll help you make sense of your chaotic back seats. It takes up zero floor space, so passengers, groceries, and pets will still have plenty of room.

    18. An electronic brush cleaner that'll help you say goodbye to gunky makeup brushes. All it takes is 10 seconds to restore your brushes to their former fluffy glory!

    19. This little crumb sweeper that'll make short work of post-meal cleanup. The little bristles will snatch up crumbs and sweep them into the built-in compartment until you're ready to empty it.

    20. This fully adjustable pillow that'll help you stay cool and comfy all night long. It has a cooling gel layer that helps with ventilation and a plush down one that'll cradle your noggin.

    A smiling person sleeping on the adjustable pillow

    21. A cute infuser that'll contain all the tea shrapnel and stop it from floating around your glass. You won't need to wrestle with tea bag strings, either!

    22. This double-ended tater cleaner that'll get your nightshades clean in a flash. It's equipped with a nifty eye remover, so you won't have to dig around your cutlery drawer for a separate tool.

    23. A slim silicone toilet brush that'll help cleanse your porcelain throne of any gunky buildup (even the stuff hidden under the rim). The tiny fronds are super gentle, so you won't scratch up your facilities the next time you do a deep clean.

    A flatlay of the toilet brush to show off its unusual flat, curved shape

    24. This magnifying makeup mirror that'll help you see every single stray brow hair. Thanks to the illuminated frame, you won't need to turn on overhead lights to get down to business.

    25. This handheld SharkNinja vacuum cleaner that'll help make kitchen messes *suck* a lot less. It'll take up a mere sliver of counter real estate, so you won't need to stash it deep in a closet with the rest of your cleaning supplies.

    26. This herb-saving pod that'll keep your parsley from wilting the second you bring it home. It'll fit inside any standard fridge door and will keep all your aromatics fresh and tasty for up to three weeks.

    27. A folding hook that'll slip over your door for a lil' extra storage. Even though it's lined with foam to keep scratches and dings at bay, you could also mount it to your wall for a more permanent solution.

    A folding hook on a door frame holding several coats on clothes hangers

    28. A set of nesting cutting boards that'll make meal prep easy-peasy. They're designed with curved edges, so you'll be able to slide ingredients directly into your pan, without dropping them all over the floor.

    29. A pack of two Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll tackle even the most bonkers kitchen messes (seriously — not even baked-on egg yolks stand a chance). Unlike regular sponges, they won't shred or disintegrate the next time you're doing a deep clean.

    30. This rocking garlic press that'll save you a ton of prep time and protect your fingers from these pungent nuggets. The rocking motion means you don't need to have Hulk strength for it to be effective, either!

    A person rocks the press over a garlic clove on a cutting board

    31. This Philips wake-up light that'll gently rouse you from your slumber. Instead of a blaring alarm sound, it actually simulates the colours of a sunrise, tapping into the body's natural circadian rhythm and waking you up more naturally.