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    Calling All Short-Haired People: These 20 Products Are Total Game-Changers

    Let's keep that pixie lookin' cute (no matter how long it's been since your last haircut).

    1. A coconut-oil infused headband that'll sweep your hair back while you're washing your face. The extra-wide band is great for even the shortest hair (and delivers a powerful moisturizing punch to your locks).

    A smiling person wearing the large headband while washing their face

    2. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that''ll minimize frizz, without weighing down your look. Thanks to the bamboo extract, moringa seed oil, and argan oil, it'll smooth your damaged locks and leave them looking silkier than ever.

    3. This hair refresher that'll go the extra mile to give you the bounciest, healthiest, freshest hair you've ever had. It'll absorb excess oil, give you natural-looking texture, improve hair elasticity, AND protect hair from damage. Plus, it's infused with lavender oil, so you know it'll smell divine.

    A flatlay of several bottles of the product laid out on a counter

    4. This teensy hair dryer that'll save you from whipping out a whole blow-out operation after your next wash. It even comes with a concentrator and diffuser, making it perfect for all hair types.

    The mini hair dryer in the carrying case with two attachments

    5. This whipped micro-exfoliating shampoo that'll help get your scalp and hair cleaner than you ever thought possible. Scalp breakouts, flaky skin, and itchiness will be gone for good, and it's gentle enough for every day use, too.

    6. This hair wax stick that'll revive limp locks and create tons of texture, without glueing your strands together. Reviewers say it can be used for everything from smoothing frizzy curls to controlling edges, making it the perfect one-and-done product.

    7. A set of hair clips that'll dress up your mane, no matter how long it's been since you've gotten a trim. They range in style from glittery to minimal, making them perfect for every occasion (even if that occasion is just forgetting to wash your hair).

    A flatlay of the full set of clips on a colourful background

    8. This nutrient-rich hair serum that'll help your locks grow in big and strong. Whether you're loving the short 'do or looking forward to growing it out, massaging this oil into your scalp will help boost blood flow and stimulate growth right from the roots.

    9. This Living Proof dry shampoo that'll suck the oil and dirt right off your hair. It has a clean, refreshing scent that'll mask any second-day smells, and it makes a fantastic texturizer for short hair, too.

    A person holds a bottle of the dry shampoo against a leafy backdrop

    10. This apple cider vinegar leave-in treatment that'll protect your locks from UV damage and speed up drying time in the process. You won't need hot tools or a myriad brushes to see effects, either — reviewers say it gives their hair a huge volume boost even when they air dry!

    A bottle of the product on a water-covered surface

    11. This knotted silk headband that'll dress up your pixie (no matter how long it's been since you shampooed or coloured). Unlike some headbands, this one is super gentle on your hair and won't chafe or damage your 'do. Plus, she cute!

    12. This hydrating Aesop rose hair masque that'll make your tresses feel like they just spent a day at the spa. Packed inside the tube is so much goodness, it's bonkers: Rose petal extract, grape seed, and lavender work together to give your hair shine and hydration.

    13. A gentle shampoo that won't strip your mane of moisture if you're addicted to daily shampoos (it me). It’ll eliminate product buildup (courtesy of all the dusts, powders, and sprays) while chilling out irritated scalps in the process.

    A bottle of the shampoo on a mirrored surface next to several citrus fruits

    14. This Ouai hair spritz that'll help you achieve that effortless bedhead look. It has a touch of hair spray, so your tousled mane will look fantastic all day long — and it's talc-free, so your hair will never look or feel chalky.

    A person holding up a bottle against a gallery wall of magazine covers

    15. This Moroccanoil volumizing mist that'll lift your locks right at the root and keep them that way all day long. Reviewers love that it never leaves their hair looking greasy or feeling crunchy, either, so you can go longer between washes.

    16. A bottle of sprayable powder that'll give you the hold you need to take your pixie to the ~next level~. It won't weigh down your hair and the small nozzle means you can dust it right where you need it (like at your roots).

    17. This recovery shampoo that'll infuse keratin into your locks to help repair past damage. Thanks to a bunch of healing ingredients, like vitamin C, hydrolized quinoa, and baobab extract, it'll keep your mane in tip-top condition, whatever length it's at.

    18. A bottle of scented hair mist that'll make your strands smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Sometimes a quick spritz of a decadent scent is all you need — and this combo of zesty grapefruit and jasmine DELIVERS.

    A vanity counter with four differently-scented of hair fragrance

    19. This sea salt spray that'll amp up your pixie's natural texture (and make it smell frickin' amazing, too!). It has a magical ability to deliver revivable style — which mean you can tousle and style a million different times, without needing to do the whole wash-and-dry thing.

    A flatlay of several bottles of the sea salt mist

    20. And finally, this clarifying shampoo that'll gently lift any product buildup from your hair. Instead of synthetic soaps and cleansers, it relies on the detoxifying power of charcoal to keep your pixie from looking dull or weighed down.

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