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    Meet Our Small Business Pick For April: Unique Print Company Evermade

    Spoiler: they're doing a rainbow-themed collection for the NHS and it's the most wholesome thing ever!

    With all non-essential retail storefronts currently closed in the UK due to the coronavirus, supporting small businesses online is more important now than ever – and if their products can bring a bit of colour and good vibes into the mix, then that's even better! Here's our top independently-owned business pick for April:

    Meet Evermade. This Brighton-based design studio and online store produces colourful and quirky prints, clothing, and stationery – and their newest limited edition Rainbow of Hope range is more than just a pretty face! Here’s what you need to know about them…

    Evermade / Via Instagram: @evermadeuk

    1. They work with exceptional artists from around the world to create unique prints that you won’t find anywhere else!

    Evermade / Via

    Each artist brings their own signature style to the collections – which you can get more of a feel of through the artist interviews that regularly feature on Evermade's blog.

    2. Each of their art pieces are, in their own words: “unapologetically different”, and in MY own words: unbelievably uplifting and beautifully unique – as you can probably tell, I’m a fan.

    Jenni Sparks / Via, Mélanie Johnsson / Via

    Get the 'Things can only get better' print here for £40.00.

    And the 'Her name is Joy' print here for £40.00.

    3. Inspired by the uplifting community spirit during these Strange Times and in particular the charming NHS rainbow trend, they’ve recently launched a limited edition range of rainbow-themed prints for the NHS!

    Stephanie DeAngelis / Via

    Each print is designed to bring light to every lockdown living room – get the 'Rays' print here for £40.00.

    4. 100% of profits from this range go to NHS Charities Together, which works to support frontline NHS workers during this time.

    Steffi Lynn / Via

    You can donate to a good cause by getting your very own limited edition print like this 'One day at a time' one here for £40.00, knowing that 58% of net sales are donated towards helping the NHS.

    5. And with Pride festivities being postponed throughout the country, we could probably do with some extra rainbows around the house – I’m just saying!

    Super Freak / Via, Hattie Stewart / Via

    Get the 'Super rainbow' print here for £40.00.

    And the 'Shine a light' print here for £40.00.

    6. There are only 100 copies of each Rainbow of Hope print available – so grab them while they’re still here!

    Thomas Hedger / Via

    This 'Rainbow by the greyhound' print would make the perfect gift for a friend who could do with a bit of uplifting colour right now! Get it here for £40.00.

    7. FYI, they also have other limited edition ranges – like the Earth Hour collection, which was created in support of WWF.

    Marylou Faure / Via, Louise Jones / Via

    Like the Rainbow of Hope range, 100% of profits from every sale is donated to charity, in this case the WWF.

    You can get the 'Balance' print here for £100.00.

    And the 'Koala' print here for £100.00.

    8. You start to get a feel for their name when you realise that they also sell the coolest accessories, clothing, and homeware ever made!

    Evermade / Via, Evermade / Via

    Get the 'Generally likeable' pin here for £6.00.

    And the 'Maltese' cushion here for £28.00.

    9. And they also have some gorgeous stationery bits that are perfect for sending cute lil' messages to friends and family.

    Evermade / Via, Evermade / Via

    Get the 'Making waves' pin card here for £6.00.

    And the 28-piece 'Gradient' postcard set here for £15.00.

    10. Can I just take a moment to point out how much effort goes into making the pieces that they sell?!

    11. Oh, and each piece is lovingly hand-packed in plastic-free and 100% recyclable packaging before it's sent to your home.

    Evermade / Via

    They constantly work to try and make their packaging as sustainable as possible!

    12. The team are working hard from home to keep their amazing prints in circulation – so why not use them to brighten up your home and maybe donate to a good cause while you’re at it?!

    Evermade / Via Instagram: @evermadeuk

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