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    Meet Our Independent Business Pick For March: Quirky Accessories Brand Taryn De Vere

    Supporting small brands is more important than ever, folks!

    With all non-essential retail storefronts now closed in the UK due to the coronavirus, supporting small businesses online is more important now than ever – and if their products can bring a bit of colour and lighthearted humour into the mix, then that's even better! Here's our top independently-owned business pick for March.

    Meet Taryn De Vere. Named after its founder and *possibly* the most colourful woman in Ireland, this unique jewellery and accessories brand produces beautifully quirky pieces that aren’t just a bit of fun – here’s what you need to know about them…

    Taryn De Vere, Taryn De Vere / Via

    1. They make bright and colourful jewellery pieces which you can wear to lift your mood – even if you're stuck at home most of the time right now!

    Taryn De Vere / Via Instagram: @

    Known best for their larger-than-life statement earrings, they also make exquisite headpieces, pins, cufflinks, and so much more! It takes around three days to complete each piece, so you know a lot of love is going into making them!

    2. Their pieces are all handmade in Ireland using sustainable materials, which are upcycled where possible!

    Taryn De Vere / Via

    Just LOOK at these rainbow earrings made from recycled straws! There's also a bunch of gorgeously unique studs and pins which are all made from recycled materials on their website here.

    3. The brand's founder Taryn recently offered on Twitter to send small gifts to anyone that is feeling sad or lonely while self isolating and TBH, I can’t think of a sweeter gesture.

    4. In keeping with her company's fun and uplifting nature, Taryn has been fighting the banality of social distancing by wearing ball gowns to supermarkets...

    Taryn De Vere / Via Instagram: @

    The Lidl food shop: truly, the fashion highlight of everybody's week.

    5. ...and flapper dresses to the local post office.

    Taryn De Vere / Via Instagram: @

    'Cause dressing up for mundane occasions is what we are all living for right now, amirite?!

    6. Taryn’s children help to design the pieces, and it’s the most wholesome thing in the world.

    Taryn De Vere / Via Instagram: @

    Take it from the company's nine-year-old marketing director – these well thought-out designs would look 'beutfull' on you! 🥰

    7. Their unique designs come highly rated!

    Taryn De Vere / Via Instagram: @

    Writer and activist Marian Keyes and Derry Girls actress Bronagh Waugh are fans – no biggie!

    8. And no wonder, they have some genuinely gorgeous pieces! Here are some of my favourites – their headpieces are insanely good!

    Taryn De Vere

    Some favourites: ✨The headpiece that will bring you joy – Price: €45.00 / £39.77 ✨The headpiece that will bring more romance into your life – Price: €35.00 / £30.93 ✨The headpiece that will make your life better (we reckon) – Price: €45.00 / £39.77✨everything on their website ships to the UK and globally!

    9. Statement earrings are their best sellers for a reason – these beauties will brighten up a grey day and a boring beard!

    Taryn De Vere / Via

    10. And these recycled straw studs come in the bisexual flag and suffragette colour schemes!

    Taryn De Vere / Via

    11. They have a 'things I've said to my kids' collection, which includes the likes of these "are you telling me you used my hairbrush to brush the donkey?" earrings.

    Taryn De Vere / Via

    12. This 'bee my baby' pin will jazz up your tie, jacket, or bag!

    Taryn De Vere / Via

    13. And if you want to go *really* dramatic on your weekly food shop, they also make impressive one-off pieces, like this intricately-detailed Christmassy wrap!

    Taryn De Vere / Via

    If you're looking for more small businesses to support during this time, please see below for the brands we've highlighted in the past! And if there's a brand you'd like us to write about next, please let us know in the comments below and they might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

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