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    This Small Company Makes Luxe Eco-Conscious Candles And I Want Five Of Them, TBH

    They're lit.

    Every month we'll be highlighting one of our favourite independently-owned businesses – ‘cause their products and services are actually pretty great, and don’t often get the attention they deserve! Here’s our top pick for January.

    Meet Kuki Candles. They’re an independently owned candle-making business based in a small studio in London – here’s what you need to know about them...

    Kuki Candles

    1. Their ethos is entirely wholesome and pure.

    Kuki Candles

    It's based around producing top-quality candles with 100% natural ingredients that are kind to the environment and to your home – including soy-based wax in their candles (for a beautiful, ~clean~ burn).

    They - in their own words - are "not perfectly sustainable, but as a company and as individuals we do our best in every step of the way".

    2. And while we’re on the subject, their packaging is 100% recyclable, too!

    Kuki Candles

    Even their labels are made from recycled paper! They're keen to minimise their use of plastic wherever possible.

    3. Their candles are all individually hand poured in their London studio.

    Kuki Candles

    So you just know the quality control is top notch! By hand-making their candles in individual batches, they're also avoiding over-production – just another way this small company prevents needless waste.

    4. And they're made using top quality, eco-friendly materials.

    Kuki Candles

    I've already mentioned their all-natural soy wax (goodbye harmful soot and air pollution), but the wooden wicks deserve a shoutout, too! They're made from FSC-certified wood, and they give off a satisfying crackling sound as they burn, reminiscent of a cosy fireside.

    5. They have amazing scents like lychee, mandarin, and coconut.

    Kuki Candles

    Giving you summery vibes even on the coldest of gloomy days – this is one of the owner's personal faves: "It's the perfect balance between creamy and fruity, so it's a favourite all year round!"

    You can get it here for £19.99.

    6. And the best-selling vanilla and musk.

    Kuki Candles

    The owner loves this candle's "simple yet exquisite blend of scents – it's the perfect candle to light just before bed or while in the bath!"

    You can get it here for £19.99.

    7. Did I mention how GORGEOUS their packaging is?!

    Kuki Candles

    They come individually wrapped in printed paper and a pretty box, so they would make amazing gifts!

    8. And they come highly recommended.

    Jess Nock

    "10/10, would recommend" – their customers.

    I own the coffee, tobacco, and sandalwood one myself and can personally vouch for the strong scent, super-long burning time (75 hours!), and amazing customer care.

    You can check out the Kuki Candles website to shop their full range – trust me, they're worth a browse! You can also take 20% off your entire purchase with the code 'buzzfeed20'.

    We love learning about new independently-owned businesses – if you know of a small independent brand that you think deserves a shoutout, please pop them in the comments below and they might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!