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    7 Small Business Picks For May That You'll Feel Good About Supporting During This Time

    Supporting small businesses is more important now than ever!

    With non-essential shops having been closed for several weeks in the UK now due to the coronavirus, supporting small businesses is more important than ever. In light of this, instead of highlighting one business as our May pick, we've opted for seven! Here's what you need to know about them:

    1. Toast Ale

    Toast Ale / Via

    They're a beer company which uses surplus bread to create high-quality craft beer. During the coronavirus pandemic, they've launched a 'meal deal' scheme, where every beer purchased provides a free meal for someone in need!

    They have lots of great beer packages with free delivery, which are perfect for those warm summer days – might we suggest their mixed bottle and can case?

    Toast Ale / Via

    Not only have they saved 1,957,042 (and counting) slices of bread from being thrown away, they also donate all profits to charities that work towards systemic change to fix the food system, and encourage their customers to engage in conversation to take action for the planet!

    2. By Rotation

    By Rotation / Via

    They're the UK's only peer-to-peer fashion rental app! The system is super easy to use – whether you want to lend your clothes, rent from others, or do both! The sustainable concept is perfect for if you love to keep on top of trends but also want to reduce your fashion footprint!

    By Rotation / Via

    Founder Eshita Kabra-Davies started the business in an effort to reduce the effects of textile waste and raise awareness for sustainability within the fashion industry. So if you're looking for a way to be kinder to your wardrobe, the environment, and your purse strings, then look no further – there are some truly stunning pieces available to rent for as little as a few quid!

    3. Digital Mums

    Digital Mums / Via

    They're a social media training company who specialise in supporting mums to gain the skills and confidence to return to the workplace, helping them to create flexible careers that fit around family life.

    Digital Mums / Via

    They have some great online courses, which focus on a more digitally-focused future, and are tailored towards flexible careers like freelancing and social media marketing. They also boast some amazing success stories which are truly inspiring!

    4. The Little Black & White Book Project

    The Little Black & White Book Project / Via

    They publish specialised products with black and white animal illustrations that are true to real life and help with your little one's development! All the products use eco-friendly materials where possible – such as FSC-certified and recycled paper – as founder Ruth Bradford says, they strive to have "as small an impact on our planet and as big an impact on [their] customer as possible" ✨.

    The Little Black & White Book Project / Via

    Their website has a really interesting page on baby development, which goes into a bit more depth about the effects of learning from high-contrast images on brain development. You can choose your own set of three baby books for a personalised bundle to get you started!

    5. Five Dot Botanics

    Five Dot Botanics / Via

    They're a London-based botanical skincare brand that use only five easy-to-understand ingredients in each high-performance product, so you know exactly what you're putting onto your skin! Their mission? Do more with less.

    Five Dot Botanics / Via

    Their complete transparency towards their ingredients list is refreshing and reassuring for their customers – who simply rave about their best-selling products like their Deep Feed nourishing facial serum and their Full Bright renewal eye cream!

    6. Magpye

    Magpye / Via

    They're a Newcastle-based pie business who have brought their yummy pies online due to events being cancelled because of coronavirus. Their pies are 100% plant-based and also 100% delicious, according to their customers!

    Magpye / Via

    They make masterpieces like Vegan Steak & Ale pies and Lotus Biscoff brownies *drools*. Oh, and Each pie is hand-crafted from scratch and is packaged in plant-based, compostable packaging. They're currently delivering pies locally with aims to expand their operation nationally, so if you live in the area be sure to check them out!

    7. Role Models

    Role Models / Via

    They're a London-based education provider offering courses for children aged between 5 - 11 years. They're currently offering a number of free 90-minute online Life Skills sessions for families around the world to help children cope with ‘big emotions’ and to build resilience during this time!

    Role Models / Via

    They offer some amazing courses that are available online so are easy to do at home! Objectives include helping little ones with their resilience, problem-solving skills, and confidence!

    Thank you to GoDaddy for these recommendations! If you know of a small business you'd like us to write about next, tell us in the comments below and they could be featured in a future post!

    GoDaddy / Via

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