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If Advertising Were Honest

Honesty is always the best policy.

What I Learned From Cutting My Usual Paycheck By 20%

Fact: Smokers earn 20% less than nonsmokers, so in an effort to see what they have to miss out on, I gave myself a temporary 20% pay cut.

This Is What The World Would Be Like Without Cats

Rats, rats everywhere. Rat videos. Rat cafés. Rat calling. Naaaaaah.

16 Highly Scientific Reasons The World Desperately Needs Cats

Well, for starters, because they're actually the best.

College Parties Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

There's just so much to learn.

14 Times No One Told You High School Was Actually A Trap

"Wake me up when it's summer again."

11 Times In Life Your Excuses Tragically Betrayed You

Excuses are a trap. They always come back to get you in the end.

Would You Win A Lip Sync Battle?

Challenge: accepted. Pick up the mic and sync your heart out.

11 People Who Should Pursue Lip Syncing Professionally

*mouths words with serious attitude*

16 Single People Explain What Deserves An Automatic Left Swipe

Left swipe, left swipe, left swipe. We asked single people to explain a major dating profile turn-off. These are their answers.