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16 Highly Scientific Reasons The World Desperately Needs Cats

Well, for starters, because they're actually the best.

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1. They understand the struggle...


Courtesy of Ashley Cook

2. And know how important it is to get enough rest.

No, really!

Courtesy of Julie Rosing

3. Of course that's because cats are very chill.

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

Very cool, very calm.

4. They teach us to stay focused and never give up.

Instagram: @ziggy

5. And studies have shown that workouts are much more effective when you have a workout buddy.

Cats love this.

6. They help out with chores.

Courtesy of James Lamon

7. And dare you to be brave.

"Tickle this belly. I dare you."
Courtesy of Josh Fjelstad

"Tickle this belly. I dare you."

8. Cats are always looking out for you.

"Hey, human. I heard a weird noise. Everything OK?"
Courtesy of Kirby Darland

"Hey, human. I heard a weird noise. Everything OK?"

9. And, sure, maybe they don't always know when to leave enough alone.

10. But they do have some manners.

Courtesy of Hannah Lawrence

11. And they're great listeners.

Courtesy of Zack McKnight

12. Phone backgrounds like this are way better than those boring factory-set backgrounds!

Courtesy of Hannah Lawrence

13. Also, they're very fashionable.

Courtesy of Robert Heler
Courtesy of Robert Heler


Instagram: @sputtrice

Do you think a dog could pull off these looks?

14. Lonely nights watching trashy reality dating shows aren't so lonely when you have your best friend purring in your lap.

Instagram: @grey2scale

(tbh cats > humans)

15. You always know where you stand with a cat.

Instagram: @grey2scale

Even if it's not quite what you'd hoped.

16. Did we mention how chill they are?

And finally, cats give videos!

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Cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. Smoking = no cats = no cat videos. Be the generation that ends smoking. Save cat videos and prevent #CATmageddon.