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8 Real And Compelling Breakup Notes To Vaping

Breakups spike around Thanksgiving, and it's not just people dumping S.O.'s. People are also breaking up with their vapes. This is Quitting from truth is here to help.

As college students head home for the holidays with broadened horizons, some will end things with their high school sweethearts, also known as the Turkey Drop. In the spirit of ending outgrown relationships, truth is helping people end relationships with vaping nicotine.

Nearly 400K young people are using the free, anonymous text message quit-vaping program This is Quitting from truth to break up with their once-beloved vape.

1. Choosing Me Over You

Young boy standing in a field holding a balloon heart.

2. You're Not As Appealing As I Thought

Girl in front of a plain background holding a paper heart over her mouth.

3. My Dependency On You Scares Me

Chest of a boy in a sweatshirt. The boy is making a heart shape with his hands over his heart.

4. You've Hurt Me Too Much

Broken felt heart held together by a safety pin.

5. I See My Family More Without You

Father and teenage son working on a science project together.

6. We Just Can't Go On

Happy teen boy in front of a school with a backpack on.

7. It's Not Me, It's You

Computer keyboard with a return key that reads "unfriend."

8. This Can't Work Out Long-Term

Young person holding sign that says "help"

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If you’re looking to quit vaping nicotine this holiday season you’re not alone, check out these other young people breaking up with their vapes on TikTok. Text DITCHVAPE to 88709 to sign up for This is Quitting.