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20 Essential Songs For Cruising

Whether you're going to the mall or driving across country, nothing goes hand in hand like music and cruisin'. So roll your windows down and check out these Prius c approved tunes, perfect for rocking out in your car.

The 20 Best Passive Aggressive Parking Notes

Some people park like jerks! That's why they sometimes need a note to put them in their place. Take a look at 20 passive aggressive parking notes that will make you think twice about buying a car the size of a boat. Park easily with the city-friendly Prius c .

The 11 Worst Urban Parking Jobs

With such limited space, sometimes parking in the city can be pretty tricky. Just ask the twenty people featured in this list. But thanks to the compact footprint of the Toyota Prius c, you can feel better about how you park.

20 Adorable Animals Who Love Riding Shotgun

Animals may not be able to drive, but they certainly love sitting shotgun. Check out some furry friends who just can't get enough of the open road. And the next time you go cruisin in your Prius c, make sure you take your fluffy pal along with you.