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    The 13 Best Britney Spears Deep Cuts That Deserve Way More Love

    "Toxic" is for the locals. Here are some alternatives.

    13. "Why Should I Be Sad" (Blackout, 2007)

    Britney's music is rarely confessional, so songs like "Why Should I Be Sad" offer a rare glimpse into the star's personal life. This Pharrell Williams-produced track finds Britney coming to terms with the dissolution of her marriage to Kevin Federline, taking him to task for his materialism and alleged infidelity, all with an aspirational blasé attitude. "Why should I be sad? Heaven knows," she coos with a stinging sarcasm before ultimately deciding "It's time for me to move on."

    12. "How I Roll" (Femme Fatale, 2011)

    Playful and coquettish, "How I Roll" is a testament to how deliciously bizarre some of Britney's lesser-known tunes can get. The electro-bop's rushed handclaps keep an insatiable beat as Britney purrs "I wanna go downtown where my posse's at/Because I got nine lives like a kitty cat." The lyrics only get more nonsensical from there, but it's a hell of a fun ride.

    11. "Shattered Glass" (Circus, 2008)

    "Shattered Glass" is another pristine entry in the Britney Breakup Anthems Club. The song is candy-coated arsenic, sweet on the surface with a venomous undercurrent of vengeance. "Poor baby, are you feeling guilty for what you did?" Britney croons, taunting an unfaithful lover before promising to haunt him in his dreams.

    10. "Where Are You Now" (Oops!... I Did It Again, 2000)

    Let's face it, most of Britney's ballads are overlooked, but "Where Are You Know" proves that the pop star is often at her best when she steps off the dance floor. Accompanied by romantic guitars, a teenage Brit laments a lost love with commendable earnesty and flawless vocals (that belt at the 3:11 mark is everything). Fans of her signature ballad "Everytime" will appreciate this vulnerable deep cut about lasting heartbreak.

    9. "Touch of My Hand" (In the Zone, 2003)

    The In the Zone era may be best remembered for "Toxic" and the iconic Madonna kiss, but Britney's fourth album also saw the singer emerge from her chrysalis; she was no longer a girl, but now a full-fledged woman taking greater creative control of her music. "Touch of My Hand" perfectly embodies that transitional period, marked by a newly provocative image and matured songwriting prowess. The sensual lyrics are an outright ode to masturbation, fitting with the album's greater themes of liberation and sex positivity.

    8. "Cinderella" (Britney, 2001)

    As a former Disney child star herself, it's not surprising that Britney would aim to deconstruct the fairytale ideal. "Cinderella" is a anthemic kiss-off to a romantic partner who didn't appreciate or reciprocate her efforts. It's catchy and empowering yet cautionary, reminding us to know our own worth in a relationship. Plus that spoken-word bridge is positively spellbinding.

    7. "Freakshow" (Blackout, 2007)

    Britney herself described "Freakshow" as "sassy," but that's underselling it quite a bit. "Freakshow" is emblematic of Blackout's unabashed hedonism, as Britney commands everyone's attention on the dance floor and boasts, "Me and my girls like to get it on/Grab us a couple boys to go." Her vocals are contorted in every direction possible, the perfect complement to the song's wobbly use of dubstep at a time when the subgenre had yet to become mainstream.

    6. "Can't Make You Love Me" (Oops!... I Did It Again, 2000)

    Fans of Brit's earlier hits will appreciate this bubbly, bombastic bop about unrequited love. "Can't Make You Love Me" finds Britney conceding she has fame and money, but she'd trade it all for blissful young love. When she chants "I'm just a girl with a crush on you" in the refrain, it feels just so quintessential Britney.

    5. "Shadow" (In the Zone, 2003)

    "Shadow" is another credit to the power of Britney's balladry. It's fair to say that this song is, well, overshadowed by "Everytime" from the same album; both songs are haunting confessions of yearning, and yet both stand on their own amongst her best work. On "Shadow", Britney sings about an emotionally distant lover with a habit of "arriving too late and leaving too soon" and whose chilly presence lingers long after he's gone.

    4. "Hot As Ice" (Blackout, 2007)

    By now, it's hopefully clear that the entire Blackout album is underrated. Every song on the track list could have been a huge hit, most of all "Hot As Ice". This banger offers a giddy euphoria of contradictions, with Britney bragging "I'm cold as fire, baby, hot as ice/If you've ever been to heaven, this is twice as nice." Honestly, hearing Godney refer to herself as a "living legend" is the only recommendation this song needs.

    3. "Man On the Moon" (Glory, 2016)

    Britney has long employed astronomical imagery in her lyrics and videos, but never so literally as she does on "Man On the Moon". She pines for cosmic love, with a healthy dose of NASA references that would make Bowie proud. After everything she's been through, you can't blame the girl for looking to the stars for happiness. And make no mistake, that quasi-French gibberish in the spoken-word bridge is iconic.

    2. "Lonely" (Britney, 2001)

    Britney is rarely one to celebrate her own legacy, so last month when boyfriend Sam Asghari filmed her belting along to "Lonely" and describing it as a song she wrote and is proud of, the entire Britney Army rejoiced. After all, this song deserves its day in the sun. On the track, Britney exudes a fiery confidence, slamming the proverbial door on an ex who comes crawling back after doubting she could be happy on her own. "Messed with Brit, boy, you must have tripped," she spits, highlighting a very important lesson people in her life today still need to learn.

    1. "I Will Be There" (...Baby One More Time, 1999)

    For the top honor, we're going back to the basics. No album cut in Britney's discography has more felt single-worthy than "I Will Be There", off her debut. The song oozes '90s bubblegum goodness, complete with a slick sliding guitar, as Britney pledges to be there when "you need someone" or if "you're feeling low." The themes of loyalty are perhaps Britney's most universal lyrics yet. She could be singing about anyone: a boyfriend, a best friend, a dog. Maybe all of the above.

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