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    I Ranked 10 Marvel Superheroes By How Good Of A Roommate They Would Be And No Lies Were Detected

    Super roommate, indeed!

    Great: Hawkeye

    A close up of Hawkeye as he talks to his daughter

    Hawkeye had some hard-hitting fight scenes in the MCU but, realistically, he's the closest the franchise has come to a normal guy. His suit doesn't give him any special abilities; he's simply great at pointing and shooting arrows. But, because of that, he'd be a great roommate, as he has the least amount of baggage and there isn't much drama going on around him. No aliens are after him and he doesn't have that many archenemies.

    Not only that, but Hawkeye has a nice home in the countryside too. All he needs to worry about is if he's chopped enough wood. Granted, life wouldn't be very exciting for his roommate, but it would make for a safe and healthy life.

    Worst: Wanda

    Wanda Maximoff stands in her living room while holding a magical energy ball

    Given the fact that if Wanda had a roommate then they'd be living through several decades and living out a sitcom-like lifestyle, it could be pretty fun (voluntarily, of course). However, there are also certainly some concerns about living with Wanda. With the Scarlet Witch now discovering the true extent of her powers and also exploring the Darkhold, who knows what things would be showing up all over the place.

    Great: Spider-Man

    A close up of Peter Parker with his mouth open

    It might be because he's barely an adult yet, but Peter Parker wants to have fun more than any other Avenger. Everybody wants to be his "guy in the chair" but, more than anything, Spidey and his flatmate would spend so much quality time together.

    Most of their time living together would be made up of putting together LEGO sets, as he did in Homecoming, and watching old movies, like Alien and The Empire Strikes Back. The only downside to living with Spider-Man is that his roommate would have to listen to him endlessly talk about MJ.

    Worst: Ant-Man

    Scott Lang wears a pair of headphones as he plays the drums

    On paper, it sounds great living with Scott Lang. When he's not out fighting Iron Man or Thanos, he's a big kid, staying at home practicing magic tricks and playing drum sets. And, even better is the fact that Ant-Man has an unrealistically big house, especially considering it's in San Francisco, where the housing market is outrageous.

    Ant-Man is a normal guy and it would be great to hang out with him day-to-day. But, in the end, none of it would be worth all of the ants crawling around. Not only are there literal armies of tiny ants roaming about the house, but there's even a giant dog-like ant in Ant-Man acting as a pet on the San Francisco property.

    Great: Black Panther

    A close up of T'Challa as he wears the Black Panther suit

    One trademark of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that many of the superheroes are everyday guys who just want to chill out, listen to music, and have a good time. But, King T'Challa is a refreshing change from the norm. Black Panther probably couldn't care less about LEGO sets and drum kits, but he would make a great mentor to any roommate lucky enough to live in Wakanda.

    His roommates could learn about African culture and traditions, and help with all the Vibranium weapons and vehicles. Since T'Challa is also very kind and respectful, it's likely that he and his roommate would hardly clash or fight. He would easily be one of the best roommates to have.

    Worst: Captain America

    A close up of Steve Rogers with a full beard

    Steve Rogers is a great guy. He's patriotic, caring, and he'll always do what he thinks is right, but his roommate would have to be careful how they'd act around him.

    There are many times when Captain America has been the smartest person in the room, and he'd be very sensible by going to bed early and paying rent on time. But, that isn't enough for a roommate, especially when they'd definitely be forced to put money into a swear jar. He's also too competitive, whether it's when he was competing to lift Thor's Hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron or always fighting with Tony to be the alpha male. It's just too much, especially when living in such close proximity to him.

    Great: Monica Rambeau

    Monica Rambeat wears a multi-colored long sleeve shirt and dark pants

    Although she hasn't appeared much in the MCU, Monica certainly left a good impression on the fans due to her heroic and compassionate nature. With her also being one of the best at S.W.O.R.D. and holding the title of Captain, fans learned that she was extremely responsible and mature too.

    All these traits would certainly be of benefit if someone was planning to live with Monica. Not only would they have a friend for life, who would support them no matter what, but they'll also have a roommate who would probably keep on top of their share of the rent and household chores. Monica wouldn't encroach on personal space either, which would make living with her pretty enjoyable.

    Worst: Hulk

    A side profile of a shirtless Hulk

    There's no doubt that Hulk is the strongest Avenger, but that comes at a price. It goes without saying that it would be nigh impossible to live with Bruce Banner. There have been many different iterations of the character throughout the MCU. But, whether it's him being able to control it, not being able to control it, or Smart Hulk, none of them would be fun to live with.

    Great: Iron Man

    Tony Stark looks around at different hologram diagrams

    Tony Stark is the opposite of Steve Rogers in every way, and that's exactly why he'd make a great roommate. All sensibility is thrown out of the window with Iron Man and there are parties to be had until the early hours of the morning. His flatmate would also get perks, as they'd be thrown a plus one to exclusive events every now and then.

    And finally, worst: Loki

    Loki stands against floor to ceiling windows above the NYC skyline

    Loki might not have been looked at as a superhero, especially back in 2012, but in the time since, he has proven himself heroic on countless occasions. At the very least, he's an anti-hero. However, that by no means makes him a good roommate.

    Sure, it'd be fun for a little while but, before too long, those incessant pranks will become annoying and intolerable. The god of mischief would always be trying to manipulate his roommate into washing the dishes and he would never lift a single finger himself.