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    I Ranked 10 Marvel Superheroes By How Good Of A Roommate They Would Be And No Lies Were Detected

    Super roommate, indeed!

    Great: Hawkeye

    A close up of Hawkeye as he talks to his daughter

    Worst: Wanda

    Wanda Maximoff stands in her living room while holding a magical energy ball

    Great: Spider-Man

    A close up of Peter Parker with his mouth open

    Worst: Ant-Man

    Scott Lang wears a pair of headphones as he plays the drums

    Great: Black Panther

    A close up of T'Challa as he wears the Black Panther suit

    Worst: Captain America

    A close up of Steve Rogers with a full beard

    Great: Monica Rambeau

    Monica Rambeat wears a multi-colored long sleeve shirt and dark pants

    Worst: Hulk

    A side profile of a shirtless Hulk

    Great: Iron Man

    Tony Stark looks around at different hologram diagrams

    And finally, worst: Loki

    Loki stands against floor to ceiling windows above the NYC skyline