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Shrimp Cleaning Human Teeth

Finally a dental hygienist that can walk into your mouth and look around. These divers got their plaque busted by some hard working shrimp.

thejives 5 years ago

Newborn Fur Seal Pup Melts Your Heart

Northern fur seals pups are mind numbingly adorable. This little one was born yesterday at the New England Aquarium in Boston.

thejives 6 years ago

Pro Tips On Moving Gigantic Turtles

Turtles in an aquarium can weigh nearly 600 pounds. See how they are safely moved up and down four stories when exhibits change.

thejives 6 years ago

Barbara Lynch Hangout On Air: Easy Gnudi Recipe

Boston's own Barbara Lynch demos a lightning fast, family friendly recipe for ricotta gnudi in this video.

thejives 7 years ago

It's A Big-Ass Shark!

...and I thought fishing was boring.

thejives 7 years ago

Seven Come At Me Bro Ocean Animals

These juiced up marine creatures don't even need thumbs (or spines) to throw down.

thejives 7 years ago

Five Mind Blowing Facts About Coral

Put on your cocktail dress, you've got some sparkling new conversation to try out.

thejives 7 years ago

Rescued Sea Turtles Head Into The Rising Sun

Godspeed, my shelled brothers. Gaze on this heartwarming photo and see how these three turtles almost froze to death, but were rescued, rehabilitated and released.

thejives 7 years ago

Name This Adorable Fur Seal Pup

This tiny survivor was rescued from a California beach, and now that he's safe and sound he needs a name. Can you help with that?

thejives 7 years ago

Don't Let This Seal Eat Your Balloon

Today was a great day for seeing wildlife on a New England whale watch. Except for the trash from someone's party.

thejives 7 years ago

Calvin The Calico Lobster

He's a 1-in-30 million celebrity. Thanks to a chef recognizing how rare he was, Calvin only barely escaped the boiling pot at a Boston restaurant. He's been donated to the New England Aquarium for study and safe keeping.

Gavon Laessig 7 years ago

This Seal Wants Your Headphones

Jennifer the Bostonian stopped by to see her harbor seal friends at the aquarium this morning, and her headphone cords caught someone's eye.

thejives 7 years ago

Why Pinterest Is The Next Iran

Is Pinterest the next Facebook? Sure! But it's so much more than that.

John Herrman 7 years ago

Guess Which Fish Is Female

One species. Two completely different looks. Guess the gender.

thejives 7 years ago

Save The Mantas

What's it like to be an arm's length away as a 15-foot-wide manta ray roils the water around you? Divers in the Pacific share some incredible images of an encounter that's becoming more and more rare.

thejives 7 years ago

Valentine's Day! RUN!

What would you do if a 400 pound fur seal was galloping at you with a mouthful of Valentine's Day flowers? Roll tape.

thejives 7 years ago

Six Secrets Of Penguin Love

One of the best places in the world to see penguin couples is the New England Aquarium, home of more than 90 penguins and a successful African penguin breeding program. Here's six secret behind a productive penguin pairing.

thejives 7 years ago

Unplanned Experiment Links Noise And Whale Stress

For the first time in a long time, shipping traffic stopped on September 11, 2001. That pause gave whales in the oceans a break from incessant noise from ships ... and scientists have just published the findings.

thejives 7 years ago

Tiny Fish Escapes The Frozen Winter

They belong in the warm waters of the Bahamas, but sometimes the Gulf Stream blasts tiny tropical fishes as far north as Rhode Island. A New England winter would kill them ...

thejives 7 years ago

A Sea Turtle Named Beast

Calling all comic book geeks and turtle fans. What does the name Hank McCoy call to mind? If you said a big blue scientist think again. Now it's a 46 pound rescued loggerhead sea turtle. Get the details here.

thejives 7 years ago