Seven Come At Me Bro Ocean Animals

These juiced up marine creatures don’t even need thumbs (or spines) to throw down.

New England Aquarium Phoenix Islands Expedition / Via

This crab is about to thrash some explorers who showed up on his island. Get back in the skiff, back to your vessel and move along.

New England Aquarium Global Explorers Blog / Via

If you are foolish enough to cross the path of Rockie the rockhopper penguin, just be absolutely sure you aren’t wearing green crocs… uh oh.

New England Aquarium Fiji Expedition / Via

A rare glimpse at Helfrich’s dartfish. Rare because the carnage that usually follows an encounter like this rarely leaves survivors to tell the tale.

New England Aquarium Facebook Page / Via

Do not mess with this cownose ray. It will demolish you and tapdance on your huddled weeping remains.

New England Aquarium Exhibit Galleries Blog / Via

Seven feet of solid muscle. This octopus may not have a single bone in its body, but it will still break all of yours.

New England Aquarium Marine Animal Rescue Blog / Via

Prepare to feel the sting of a powerful flipper across your non-reptilian interloper face.

New England Aquarium Indonesia Expedition / Via

This upside down jelly is about to turn your world upside down. Shuffle back out of that seagrass if you know what’s good for you.

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