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Rescued Sea Turtles Head Into The Rising Sun

Godspeed, my shelled brothers. Gaze on this heartwarming photo and see how these three turtles almost froze to death, but were rescued, rehabilitated and released.

New England Aquarium Marine Animal Rescue Blog / Via

Three rescued, rehabilitated and released sea turtles head off into the sunset. Among them is a loggerhead sea turtle named Juggernaut. / Via

Juggernaut the loggerhead sea turtle didn't look very good when he was rescued in December. The rescue team named him after an unstoppable comic book character.

New England Aquarium Marine Animal Rescue Blog / Via

During his long recovery, the rescue team gave him some cloth strips to simulate kelp.

Mikey likes it.

New England Aquarium News and Updates / Via

By the summer, Juggernaut was looking good and ready for release.

New England Aquarium Marine Animal Rescue Blog / Via

So, it's off to a warm southern beach on the Virginia coast. All together 17 turtle patients were released.

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