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    With Weird Al taking the #1 Billboard spot, The Lonely Island passing 1 Billion YouTube Views & songs like Thrift Shop still lingering in recent memory, it’s clear that Comedy + Music is the winning formula for the artists of the future. Here’s 8 Reasons why…


    BUSINESS WORLD SHOCKED! ENTERTAINMENT WORLD AWED! Innovative Music Marketing Pioneer Makes Strategic Investment in Chicago’s #5 Comedy Rapper…’It ain’t nothin’ but a thang’ - Alex White (NBS CEO) In other news, FAKE ARTICLE!!!!


    With Eminem coming to LOLLAPALOOZA tonight, we thought it’d be appropriate to break down the current landscape of rap in the City by the Lake. Put the safety on your glock, pull up your pants and take a look…

  • Make Water A Treat

    Water is the quintessential essence of your genetic makeup. You crave it because your body knows that Hydrogen and Oxygen are the primary elements for ensuring optimal life function. Are you giving your body enough water on a daily basis? If not, try this!

  • The 9 Agreements In Critical Communication

    One of the essential elements of becoming The Bigger Man is the development of effective communication strategies with the people around us. Though our communication and leadership roles vary throughout our home lives, work lives and extracurriculars, the establishment of solid team-based communication is a universal necessity.

  • 3 Ways To Not Let Your Smartphone Hinder Your Confidence

    It’s 2013 and owning a smartphone is just like owning a pair of underwear. It’s pretty normal to assume that everyone does and those who don’t are just plain odd. But just as ‘going commando’ can sometimes represent an investment in a man’s confidence so can the decision to cut down on the use of your technological sidekick. As with most things, balance is key. Don’t let the social advantage of the smartphone outweigh the detriment to your real-world persona. Here are 3 practical ways to not let your smartphone hinder your confidence…

  • Introduction To The Bigger Man Blog

    As men, we are subject to constant evolutions in our bodies, our minds and the environment around us. While many men fail to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of their reality, The Bigger Man remains steadfast: following his intuition to evolve and better himself each day…

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