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"Are We Tipping 20% At Buffets?" And 23 More Tipping Situations I'm Confused About

Tips at the self-service checkout should just go right back to me.

Thanks to a viral TikTok from user @eyeout4selen3r, people have been arguing about "iPad tipping," aka when a cashier turns their iPad register around to let the customer choose a tip. Especially because the cashiers are often just handing food across the counter.

"Lol not them wanting a tip for turning the iPad, girl I picked it up using my car and gas" and "Like knock the gas money off the total babe, it's rough out here"

So instead of arguing, I want to know once and for all how much you're actually iPad tipping in these scenarios:

Side note: If you live in a country where people are paid living wages and therefore tipping culture doesn't don't gotta brag.

And while we're at it, let's decide how much we're all tipping in these situations that don't usually involve iPads:

Do you have any strong opinions on tipping? Share them in the comments below.