These Horny Tweets About Yahya Abdul-Mateen II In The New "Candyman" Movie Have Me Weak


    In case you haven't heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will star in the upcoming Candyman sequel this summer.

    To say that people (myself included) are excited to see his gorgeous face on the big screen would be an understatement.

    Fans have been sharing their anticipation for the horror film on Twitter, and the reactions have been WILD, I tell ya.

    Mostly, it's just horny tweets from people admitting they'll gladly say "Candyman" five times if Yahya will appear in their bathroom 😩 (but, like, same):

    Me in front of the mirror after saying Candyman hoping Yahya appears

    The thirsty jokes did not stop coming, and I couldn't stop laughing:

    Me going to see @yahya as the new candyman in June

    This person imagined what it would be like if Yahya was chasing them down as Candyman, and you just have to see it for yourself:

    Me running away from Candyman if @yahya turns into him at the end of the movie

    A lot of people put it lightly:

    Wait. @yahya is candyman? Me in front of the mirror saying candyman 5x

    This person already has a whole dance routine ready just in case things work out for them:

    if yahya turns into candyman this is me in the bathroom after saying his name

    Others are busy making sure their lip gloss is poppin', you know, in case things pop off:

    @yahya Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman

    This person believes Yahya (possibly) playing Candyman — it hasn't been confirmed yet — is the answer to her grandmother's prayers for her love life:

    Are they finna make Yahya look ugly/scary in Candyman? Cuz saying that a fine ass man will appear in my house if I say something in the mirror thrice.... honestly that just sounds like God finally heard my praying grandma’s prayers for him to send me a man.

    It looks like everyone's ready to risk it all, even their safety, for a chance with the actor 😂.

    Just remember the rules on how to summon Yahya, erm, I mean Candyman, y'all: