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    The First Trailer For Jordan Peele's "Candyman" Reboot Is So Good, You'll Want To Watch It Five Times

    BEE his victim (Get it? 'Cause bees?!).

    Even if you only have a passing relationship with the horror genre, you're still probably at least SOMEWHAT aware of the 1992 classic, Candyman.

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    Like, I know you recognize this movie poster because nightmares.

    Well, the urban legend is getting a much-deserved update in the form of a reboot co-written and produced by Us and Get Out's Jordan Peele and co-written and directed by Little Woods' Nia DaCosta. The first trailer dropped this week, and...y'all:

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    It's got me HOOKED! Waka, waka!

    This version follows Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who is an artist living with his girlfriend, gallery owner Brianna Cartwright (Teyonah Parris), in Chicago’s Cabrini Green neighborhood.

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    After discovering the tragic backstory behind Candyman, the area's most prolific urban legend, Anthony looks to explore the horror icon in his artwork.

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    However, it appears in doing so, Anthony has accidentally opened some kind of portal, allowing Candyman to access our world and all of its bloody glory.

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    Also, all these people keep willingly saying "Candyman" into mirrors, and I truly don't understand anyone.

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    Tag yourself, I'm this woman:

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    The trailer also features a spooky as all heck rendition of the Destiny's Child classic "Say My Name," because Peele can't leave classic songs* we all love out of our nightmares.

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    *Lookin' at you, "I Got 5 On It."

    My verdict? This looks FREAKIN' AWESOME?! I love that we don't see too much of the titular man o' candy, save for his hook and bees.

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    We need more bees! He's doing us a service in 2020!

    Naturally, I wasn't the only horror fan pumped out of their mind:

    Excuse me? A Candyman remake produced by Jordan Peele?! I’m stanning, ladies and gentlemen. #Candyman

    It! Looks! Very! Good! And! Also! Scary!

    Peele remaking #Candyman yo i...i mean ima watch saying....can we watch it as a family? together? wit the lights on? and pistols and flashlights near? not that im worried about something. just saying.

    Though I will miss being able to listen to "Say My Name" without thinking of bees:

    Listening to Jordan Peele’s horror version of Say My Name like

    So uh, yeah. That's that on that. Catch me avoiding mirrors for the next few months and (im)patiently waiting for the release of this masterpiece on June 12, 2020!

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