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    Camilla Cabello's Mom Cut Her Bangs In Quarantine And The Results Were Quiiiite Interesting, To Say The Least


    For weeks, the US has been in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, which means most of us are at home trying to figure out what the heck to do with our hair.

    Some celebs, like Hilary Duff, have resorted to dyeing their own hair, which turned out great:

    Meanwhile, Anderson Cooper gave himself a bald spot after attempting to give himself a haircut:

    For Camila Cabello, it was her bangs that needed a trim and she knew just the person to ask to do the job — her mom:

    "So this is what it's come to. The bangs are too long. I can't go outside. I'm gonna have to trust this woman," she said in a video posted on her Instagram stories.

    "I can't trust myself because they'll look like mountains," she joked.

    "I've been seeing a lot of posts warning people not to do this," she said. "Let's see how it turns out."

    "I mean, right now I look like Snape [from Harry Potter]," the 23-year-old noted.

    I kinda see it, tbh.

    So, how'd her mom's trim turn out? "Not great," the singer said.

    "She already fucked it up. I told her bangs are not like this...She just horizontal lined that shit. So, we'll see how I look [in the end]."

    Here are the final results pre-blow-dry:

    And after blow-dry:

    I think Mama Cabello deserves a raise! What do you think?