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    Celebrities Are Dyeing Their Own Hair In Quarantine, And I, For One, Am Here For It

    *bleach fumes intensify*

    With the coronavirus going on, a lot of celebs — like a lot of us — have taken to changing their hair while social distancing.

    While cutting bangs and shaving buzzcuts have been the choice of many, my personal favorite trend is dyeing your hair a bright color!!!!!!!!!!

    So without further ado, here are some newly minted celeb quarantine Dye-Hards™:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt recently added some hot pink highlights:

    Ricky Martin went pink on top but kept it natch (natural, lolz) on the sides:

    Elle Fanning sported a rose gold ~wet lewk~:

    Ireland Baldwin became a certified Box Dye Babe™:

    She even shared some of her ~process~ on her Instagram story:

    Model Lottie Moss went fluorescent:

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz played with some pink tones:

    Emma Chamberlain skipped the pink and experimented with some bleach instead:

    Country singer Lauren Alaina went blue:

    Bretman Rock went with a gorgeous icy silver:

    And then he went neon yellow (the RANGE!!!!!!!):

    And last but not least, Bryce Dallas Howard used an editing app to make her hair pink. I still thought she deserved to be included though 😌:

    So would you or have you dyed your hair during quarantine? If so, leave a picture in the comments!!!!!!!!!