16 Quarantine Hair Transformations That Turned Out Great And 13 That Really, Really, Reallllllly Didn't

    Put the scissors down!

    With everyone changing their hair left and right, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share some of their quarantine hair transformations. Here are some really good ones and some...not so good ones:

    1. This undercut that crept up the sides looks amazing:

    2. But this one...not so much:

    3. These curtain bangs are très chic:

    4. But these straight ones could use some work:

    5. These long bangs (langs?) are a lewk:

    6. But these missed the mark:

    7. This mullet transformation is honestly everything:

    8. But this cut is the exact opposite of a "party in the back":

    9. Sometimes all you need is a little chop to remove dead ends:

    10. Just...make sure you don't chop too much:

    11. Bangs and a little color can go a long way:

    12. But also the wrong way:

    13. These bangs turned out so great, they look like they were done by a professional:

    14. Unfortunately, for this guy, I can't say the same:

    15. Some people are really good at one skill, like cutting:

    16. And others are really bad at one skill, like dyeing:

    17. Losing just a few inches...

    18. ...or even all your inches can be great if done properly:

    19. But when not done properly...yikes:

    20. Luckily, this little guy has a long life of good haircuts ahead to make up for this unfortunate one:

    21. And kids are cute no matter what their bangs look like, right?

    22. Sometimes, accidents work out in unexpected ways:

    23. And sometimes, like with this eyebrow slit...

    24. ...or...whatever this is...they just, don't:

    25. Whatever you decide to do with your hair, be it cutting it...

    26. ...styling it...

    27. ...dyeing it...

    28. ...or shaving it, there's just one rule to remember...


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