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    I Need Beyoncé To Stop Playing And Tell Me If This Martini Photo Is A Clue That She'll Be Singing The New "Bond" Theme Song

    "She’s not gonna get away with it this time...BEYONCÉ JAMES BOND THEME CONFIRMED."

    On Wednesday, Beyoncé posted a series of photos on her website from her night out at the 2020 Golden Globes last weekend:

    But the one pic that stood out to her loyal Beyhive was the shot of Queen Bey taking a sip of a martini. And well, well, well, what do we have here?

    Beyoncé / Via

    One fan noted how the photo reminded them of the time Bey posted a random pic of herself sniffing a lemon before dropping her critically acclaimed surprise album, Lemonade:

    Beyoncé posted this first picture before dropping LEMONADE so with this second picture is the new Album gonna be named OLIVE?

    Another fan predicted Bey's next album would be called Martini:

    Next Beyoncé album: MARTINI 🍸

    Others were very convinced that Yoncé's martini snap was more than just a random pic, and instead a clue that she's singing the new Bond theme for 2020's No Time to Die:

    I think she's gonna be in James Bond project. Martini is his signature drink.

    This Twitter user declared he was not about to be tricked by Bey's clues this time!

    She’s not gonna get away with it this time... BEYONCÉ JAMES BOND THEME CONFIRMED.

    Like, seriously, he's pulling out all of his best detective work:

    Beyoncé had the clock’s SECOND hand on 4... James Bond comes out on the SECOND of April... the fourth month. BEYONCÉ IS DOING THE JAMES BOND THEME.

    He had people going, "Hummmmmmmmm."


    Plenty of people thought he was on to something with his theory, which would make Beyoncé the next to sing the Bond theme, following the likes of Adele and Sam Smith:

    @GarrySlay @beysarayonce still no confirmed singer for No Time to Die’s intro. U could be totally right

    Others pointed to this specific moment from Beyoncé's 2018 Coachella set, which featured a sample of the Bond theme during a performance of "Don't Hurt Yourself":

    Beyoncé has been hinting at James Bond since her 2018 Coachella set when she sampled the theme tune during Don't Hurt Yourself

    To be fair, there were some fans who didn't buy it. This person tweeted, "Can Beyoncé just enjoy her martini without us jumping to conclusions?"

    can Beyoncé just enjoy her martini without us jumping to conclusions?

    Back in August 2017, a rep for the "Spirit" singer shut down talks that Bey would be singing the theme song, telling Billboard, "This is a rumor."

    But now, considering the casting of Lashana Lynch as Nomi, a '00' agent in the upcoming film, it would be fitting to have a black woman sing the Bond theme, IMO.


    Guess we will just have to wait and see. Would you be excited to hear Beyoncé on the Bond theme song? Tell us in the comments!