Richard Madden? Idris Elba? Tom Hardy? Nope. The New Agent 007 Is Reportedly Black British Actor Lashana Lynch.

    Marvel star Lashana Lynch is set to adopt the iconic code name, but James Bond lives on.

    According to the Daily Mail, the upcoming, yet-to-be-titled 25th James Bond film will reveal black British actor Lashana Lynch as the new agent 007, and Daniel Craig’s character will come out of retirement for one final mission.

    Following years of speculation over who will replace Craig as the British spy, the revelation that Lynch will take over the agent's iconic code name is described as a "popcorn-dropping moment".

    The film is set to pick up in Jamaica, where Craig's character retreated at the end of Spectre. After he gets the call to get back into the spy game, he learns someone else has adopted his code name in his absence.

    Lynch joins the ranks of Bond women — including fellow black Brit Naomie Harris, who joined the franchise in 2012 as Eve Moneypenny.

    Craig remains the titular lead; according to the franchise's executive producer Barbara Broccoli, Bond will never be a woman. But it appears that the code name 007 is off the table.

    Killing Eve writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been recruited to cowrite the franchise's 25th instalment. It's believed that she's the mastermind behind Lynch's game-changing role.

    Lynch, a 31-year-old from Hammersmith, is best known for playing Monica Rambeau, a fighter pilot and best friend of Brie Larson's character, in Captain Marvel.

    She's also had roles in Fast Girls, the drama series Holby City, and the third and final instalment of Noel Clarke's Hood franchise, Brotherhood.

    Naturally, people are ready to stan.

    Us: “we want Idris Elba as James Bond” Producers: “no” Us: “WE WANT ID-“ Producers: “you get Lashana Lynch” Us:

    Lashana Lynch is the new 007. That's it. That's the tweet

    Halle Bailey as the new Ariel Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America Tessa Thompson as the new Queen of Asgard Lashana Lynch as the new 007 THE EXCELLENCY

    Im literally ready to smack all these haters out of existence if anyone even dares come after lashana lynch. She deserves only the fuckin best

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Lynch's representatives for further comment.