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    17 TV Shows That Were Set Up For The Perfect Ending, Only To Fumble The Ball In The Last Episode

    "I'll never be as invested in a show again as I was with The 100, because the ending retroactively ruined all the struggle, growth, and themes the show had up to that point."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share which TV shows set themselves up for a great ending, only to completely mess things up in the final episode. There was a lot of venting in the comments (and rightly so because in a lot of these instances, the fans deserved better!) — here are the top responses.

    1. In Supernatural, when the show's final hour concluded with one of the main characters dying in the most anti-climatic way possible.

    2. In Chuck, when the show ambiguously ended and left it up to the viewer to decide if Sarah ever regained her memory and resumed her relationship with Chuck.

    3. In Dexter, when Dex not only pulled the plug on Deb's life support, but then faked his own death and assumed a new identity,

    4. In Veronica Mars, when the writers did a major disservice to fans by killing off Logan and robbing Veronica of a happy ending.

    5. In Lost, when the writers kept on introducing more and more mysteries throughout each season — only to have less than satisfactory answers for the vast majority of them come the final episode.

    6. In Pretty Little Liars, when it was revealed that "A.D" was actually Alex Drake, Spencer's long-lost British twin who was only introduced in the final episode of the series.

    7. In The Vampire Diaries, when the show's final episode didn't give fans any closure or happy endings.

    8. In Lucifer, when the finale contradicted years of build-up by having Lucifer leave Chloe behind and return to hell.

    9. In The 100, when the series finale was just a complete shitshow that completely missed the point.

    10. In American Horror Story, when the ending of every new installment never quite matches the intensity and intrigue of the beginning.

    11. In Castle, when things were hastily wrapped up through a tacked-on flash forward scene after Beckett and Castle were gunned down.

    12. In Line Of Duty, when countless fan theories went down the drain as the true identity of "H" was revealed to be Ian Buckells, a side character for most of the series.

    13. In Killing Eve, when Villanelle is shot by a sniper during the closing minutes of the final episode, resulting in her death.

    14. In Crash Landing On You, when the final episode didn't deliver a satisfying conclusion that ended with Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok being together permanently.

    15. In True Blood, when the series' seven-year run ended in blandness and didn't focus enough on the best characters.

    16. In Game Of Thrones, when the ending was so bad (Bran being crowned king, Daenerys' mad queen descent and then death, the creators not addressing any easter eggs or hidden details, etc) that it basically destroyed the legacy that the show had built for eight years.

    17. And lastly, in How I Met Your Mother, when the whole premise of the show was thrown out the window because the writers decided to kill off the "Mother" and pair up Ted and Robin in the end.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Do you agree with what's been said? Or do you have another infuriating end to a TV show that you need to discuss? Let us know in the comments.