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The 14 Stages Of Transferring To A New College

Transferring to a new university means opening the door to a plethora of new experiences, insights, and opportunities. Learn more about Temple University's transfer program today, and see what you could discover tomorrow.

13 Reasons Going To School In A Big City Is Literally The Best

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Can You Pass A Standardized Test About Life In 2015?

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10 Senior Year Moments We Remember All Too Well

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13 Ways To Totally Not Freak Out About Your First Year At College

Freaking out is not a major. Calm yourself and #TakeCharge of your future with Temple University. Become an Owl today!

13 Reasons You Should Live In Philly At Least Once In Your Life

After living here, you'll be Philly Made. Temple University is Philadelphia's public university. #TakeCharge of your future, and look to see what being #TempleMade can do for you.