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13 Reasons Going To School In A Big City Is Literally The Best

Going to school in a city means opportunities — and memories — to last a lifetime. Let Temple University be the place you get your start.

We can all agree that college can be one of the most exciting and enriching experiences of our dang lives.

But for those of us who've gone to school in a city...well, we know just how much of an elevated university experience that can be.

1. For one, going to a city school exposes you to diverse and unfamiliar perspectives.

2. Oh, and you get to taste all kinds of cuisines.

3. Never having to worry about driving to class is simply...*kisses fingers like chef*

4. Your extracurriculars can happen on campus...

5. ...or off.

6. Also, think of all the museums!!!!

7. And just because you're at a city school doesn't mean you need to abandon your suburban sensibilities forever.

8. You couldn't be in a better place for scenic, pensive walks during those times when you just need a break.

9. You'll also have numerous cafés at your disposal for both studying and consuming gallons of coffee.

10. And, of course, the rich historical value so often offered by cities is rather incomparable.

11. The internship and job opportunities offered in a city are exciting, multitudinous, and diverse.

12. And having access to live theater, music, and other performing arts is a cultural experience one simply cannot avoid in big cities.

13. So, yeah, going to university in a city is just a literal dream for anyone longing for new perspectives, cultural enrichment, and some really good food.

Experience the excitement, insight, and diversity of a city school at Philadelphia's own Temple University.

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