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The 14 Stages Of Transferring To A New College

Transferring to a new university means opening the door to a plethora of new experiences, insights, and opportunities. Learn more about Temple University's transfer program today, and see what you could discover tomorrow.

1. First off, you begin to notice you're not as satisfied with your current college education as you could be.

2. So you decide to do a little research...just to, you know, see what else might be out there.

3. And after some diligent exploration, you realize that there may be a school out there that doesn't require you to settle after all.

4. So you talk to friends and seek advice.

5. And you get all your paperwork and info in order.

6. And then you just do it. You make the decision. You're moving on!

7. Then the best part arrives: your acceptance! 🎉

8. And so it's your first day and you're excited and nervous and you've got butterflies from head to toe.

9. Naturally, you feel a bit inundated with and overwhelmed by all these new changes.

10. Eventually you begin to understand the culture of your new school.

11. And you begin to find people with comparable interests and start making new friends.

12. And the classes! Oh, the classes.

13. And then the bliss just starts to sink in as you realize how different your new experience is from your last.

14. And the moment you realize you've made the absolute best decision for you.

To learn more about Temple University's transfer program, visit its website today.

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